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Welcome to our new office at Simmerville, serving the entire Mazaloom district. You will remember some of our offers from Simmerville's old site, some of our links do still take you there while we upgrade.

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Job offers
Social Services helps you to find available jobs in Simmerville and the nearest SimCity:


Live-in servants:
1 Mervil Farm, Simmerville
Contact: Mrs. Marbes Mervil
Live-in Housekeeper
Breakfast and dinner. Cleaning. Help with 1 baby. Your own room and bathroom.
Required: Cooking 3, Cleaning 3. 
Hours: Mon-Sat 7AM-5PM
Pay: §300 per day

1 Mervil Farm, Simmerville
Contact: Mrs. Marbes Mervil
Live-in Farmer
Taken: Gilford Montpellier
Grow vegetables in greenhouse. Weed, harvest, water. Your own room and bathroom.
Required: Gardening bronze badge
Hours: Wed-Sun 10AM-1PM + 8PM-10PM
Pay: §300-500 per day

Gobelin Residence, Simmerville
Contact: Mrs. Petunia Gobelin
Live-in Housekeeper
Your own room/bathroom. Access to swimming pool and library. Cooking, cleaning, assist with child. Cats in the house.
Required: Cooking 3, Cleaning 3.
Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-10AM + 2PM-6PM
Pay: §350 per day

2 Cabbage Road, Simmerville
Contact: Mrs. Judy V. Ballong
Live-in Housekeeper
Taken: Kayleen Lingerac
Cooking, cleaning, no children. Dogs in the house.
Required: Cooking 3, Cleaning 3.
Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-10AM + 2PM-6PM
Pay: §300 per day

Bluzz Residence, SimCity
Contact: Mrs. Alexia Bluzz
Live-in Housekeeper
Cleaning, cooking. Dogs in household.
Your own room/bathroom with private entrance.
Required: Cooking 4, Cleaning 4.
Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-11AM + 3PM-6PM
Pay: §400 per day

38 Grease Avenue, SimCity
Contact: Mrs. Glorietta W. Bluzz
Live-in Nanny
Nursing (1 baby), cleaning.
Your own room/bathroom. Free food. Minimum 7 simdays.
Required: Nice>4, Cleaning 4.
Hours: Wed-Sun 9AM-12AM + 3PM-6PM + nursing.
Pay: §350 per day

Mazaloom Historical Society:
We search a new leader to replace late Bettie Stello. You will keep track of our members and run the meetings at Gothan Quarter, Wednesdays 7-9PM.
Required: History degree
Pay: §200 per Wednesday

MAY 29, 2006
SimCity Business School
Would you like to build business talent rather than to study for a University degree? Then you should have a look to SimCity Business School. Teenagers will be picked up by a delivery service (§500 each way). Maximum stay is 4 simdays. Note that you will not attend regular school during the stay. Next start day is simday 85 and 86.
Each student will focus on 1 job in the School Store (cashier/restocking/sales) as well as 1 crafting (toys/robots/flowers). You will also learn team working!
Required skills: Total of 7 skills
Required school grade: No requirement
Age: Students can be 22-30 when arriving
Goal: You build minimum 2 bronze badges + some perk (4 hrs)
  Day 1: 4 hrs of studies, 4 hrs of badges (working in the store)
  Day 2: 4 hrs of Wholesales Discount (perk), 4 hrs of crafting
  Day 3: 4 hrs of crafting, 4 hrs of badges (working in the store)
  Day 4: 4 hrs of crafting, 4 hrs of badges (working in the store)
Costs: §2000 entrance fee, but you get paid §500 when graduating.
Owner: Rene Light & Heather D. Light
Address: 22 Minduza Lane, Downtown
Webpage: tba

Our Job Planner service became very popular back in the old world (TS1). We are now offering this service for the modern world. After answering a total of 16 questions we will give you the optimal career choices based on personality and skills.
Run Job Planner TS2 version
Run Job Planner TS1 version
Read article about the TS1 Job Planner service


As part of the regional "A better education - a brighter future" program, Simmerville and many other hoods are sending young residents to college. Getting a University degree will open up new careers and better jobs, and it is also gives the attending Sims more time to learn about themselves as they prepare for adult life.

Send your hopeful young adult to the new University, first locations opened in Age of Knowledge, or more exact February 28, 2005! Click the banner for more facts about University (by Maxis)!

Check out Simmerville House on campus!

* Article March 10, 2005: University opens today

This service covers 20 careers, including Home businesses (we do not encourrage to life of crime). Our TS1 version do not tell you what is required (skills, friends etc), instead you can read about general goods/bads for each career, and we compare each job's pay per working hour, something that should make a difference when you choose a job or whether you should aim for a promotion. You can also search for preferred working hours, pay, etc.   We expect an upgraded version to be ready in March.
Career Breakdown (20 TS1 careers)

In the past (TS1) we published a series of articles focusing on Home Businesses. Even if you are now in the modern world (TS2) you might find some ideas and tips here. New articles focusing on TS2 home businesses will be added.
Run a Local Business (TS2 - before OFB deal)
Being a Test sim
Breeding pets
Financial investments
Making gnomes
Painting yourself a fortune

Yes, Social Workers do work under our charter, and we have good news for you that live in the modern world. Our charter has been revised, Social Workers will no longer lurk in your garden to take away your child as soon as possible. Instead you will now have a fair amount of time to fullfil your child's needs. We are talking about a day here, but this might we now adjusted.
TS1: Losing your baby to Social Services