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job list

Homebusinesses are different from all other jobs, and the list above is not a career ladder but isolated jobs with no promotion or bonuses involved. Income is based on a 7 hours working day.

by Lisa Bruton, SimCity Social Services

Be your own boss, decide for yourself when and how much you will work, and take days off from work without getting fired! When working at home your efforts will influence on your income, and these jobs might be best suited for the stay at home Sim to occasionally add to the household budget, or someone not wanting to work for others.

Another plus when staying at home is that you will not miss any prizes or refunds offered you by phone during the day. We have included these phone calls with what we call the Gambling job, but it will of course be an option to anyone at home.

PS: Home Sweet Home might be sweeter than you imagined!

Our articles on home businesses:
Starting January 2003 we do a series presenting the home businesses, together with suggested equipment and clothing. January focus was on Painters, February we will have a look at making gnomes, and articles to come will focus on preserving, financial investments, gambling, pet breeding, growing vegetables, farming and more.

These articles are linked from SimCity Social Services main page.