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General tips:
  • When switching career track you will start from level 1, but if you have some skills already, you will be promoted rapidly, and get all the bonuses!
  • It is easier to reach the top if you have a family who can take care of the many friends you will need.
  • If you like the contents of a job half way up the career ladder, keep it for a while and try to do a very good performance instead of getting promoted - you might get an extra project bonus!
  • Always choose a job because it appeals to you, and not because it pays off more. Your life is about more than working!




    At your service with the Job Planner (20 tracks)
    Today - by Bertha Fairweld

    My name is Bertha Fairweld and I'm working at the SimCity Social Services, and my main field is labour. Thanks to your honesty anf my expertise I think the job of your dreams might be not so far away!

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    Recommended career based on your personality
    We think your personality should be the fundation for any career choice, because your personality can never change. You are one unique Sim, and that you should take advantage of.


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    NOTE: Because more and more neighbourhoods do live large, or even has a Old Town near by, we have included a total of 20 different career tracks in our job service.
    LL: Music, Slacker, Paranormal, Journalism and Hacker 
    UN: Fashion, Education, Animal Care, Culinary, Circus

    DISCLAIMER: The Job Planner and it's recommendation is valid for Sims living in SimCity an it's neighbourhoods, and not for the humans thinking that Sims is a computer game!.