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Yes, you can make a living from smart placing of your Simoleons! Do you have a nose for good investments, or just being lucky? Do you have a web shop offering equipment, furniture or even clothing related to our next article? Please contact web master before March 31.

Working with wood and paint can easily ruin your clothes, so if gnome making is your work or hobby you should get some proper clothing. Gobelin Fashion has created 7 outfits for Sims who are into the Garden Gnome business, but if you are an active sim in general, you will find a wider use for these outfits no matter what kind of work you do. Check out Gobelin Fashion's section at STUFF.

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You sure need the Kraftking Woodworker Table (§720). SimSit wanted to offer an alternative woodworker bench, but it became to large for packing and presenting on this site. Instead you are offered some appliances like this practical shelf for storing your tools and paint. It will add nicely to the work station.

Here's also some wood blocks that you should keep near by, because you will constantly need more wood for making even more gnomes. As simple as that.

Both are provided by SimSit. Click to proceed SimSit's section at STUFF.

BB-design has made these two walls that will go well in your cellar, garage, or wherever you will have your woodworker station.
Click to proceed to BB-design's section at STUFF.
Do you make gnomes?
What are your experiences, and do you have any hot tips for others making gnomes at home? Please post here.
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April 16 2004, Lavinia Cotton, ...
I own my own gnome company and i am the manager, here are a few Gnome making house tips...
1. Always have breaks
2. Make sure your  friends don't break your gnomes when they come round to visit
3. Wear the right outfit
4. Have fun and make some some sim cash!
October 25 2003, Tom Grey, Greymount
I own a gnome making business, Gnomes R Us, which I started because I wanted to be a househusband and help my wife pursue her career as an actress. I usually try to make $500 worth of gnomes-to pay for the butler-and sometimes when orders are really large I use subcontractors in the neighborhoods. I don't overdo it-I mean, do I really need to make $1000 a day when I can make $500-$800 and rest before the children come home from school? I can't wait until the Business Conference to get in touch with other gnome makers.
June 9 2003, Diana Smith, ...
Making gnomes sounds fun, I think we might try it some time when we get the right equipment. At the moment I am working on painting at home. My children say I could be a artsist you know, the famous one's. My husband loves anything to do with wood or paint, but unfortuantly, there is no career track that has anything to do with wood. My oldest daughter,  Cat, has found a shop that sells those chisels and paint pots but it is much to expensive.
May 20 2003, Elva, ...
When I first moved into my new house, i had a lame job. I couldnt afford anything because of my low income and i was very depressed. But then I started to make gnomes for a living! I was  up to 100 bucks per gnome before i knew it and i now have a beautiful home and best of all, i get to choose my own work hours!
May 20 2003, Kyla Johnson, ...
When my friend, Kelly Sutton's daughter Megan, needed extra money for college, I told Megan to take up Gnome Building. At first,   she wasn't up to it, making only 2 or 3 dollars at the most. But as she got more creative, she started making a lot more money. After   she got the money and was well off, she handed the business over to her father, Bill. They now are working towards making a great house with the money they made!
Mar 28 2003, Blytt Jones, Simistry
I just wanna share a link to a related web site where you can get a lot of different gnomes for decoration and inspiration! Go to Updates/archive February 2003
Sims by Tahera
Mar 17 2003, Agnes Abilgnale, Sunnybrooke
Ever since my huband and I retired we have been involved in home buisnesses. Now that I am 63 and he is 64 we find that gardening is becoming too hard for us. About 4 months ago, my husband Charlie began to make gnomes and he has been ever since. It earns enough to keep a roof over our heads and give us food on our plates. Gnome Making is so useful, and sometimes earns more than some of the highest-ranked jobs. It is also very fun and we can take breaks whenever we feel like it. You can't be late for work and you can start and finish whenever you want. Gnome making is Brilliant!
Mar 16 2003, Clive Appleton, Simmerville
My experience is that this business is one of the better home businesses there is. It can pay extremely well on good days, but on a bad day it might be hard to keep up the production.



Home business: Making Gnomes
March 16, 2003 - by Lisa Bruton, SimCity Social Services

Are you one of those Sims who prefer being your own boss? Then there is a great variety of home businesses available to you! This time we will focus on the growing Garden Gnome business with related assets.

Garden gnomes have become very popular again during the past couple of years. This traditional business has a long history back in Simmish culture, and we all know the magic spell that comes with the gnomes. The reason why they are so popular, although their popularity was a lot greater 100 years ago. Back then there was at least one Gnome living in each garden. These days we experience that this old hand craft tradition is returning, and in most neighbourhoods you will find someone making gnomes for a living. A living which does in fact give a very nice income.

Skills and equipment
One good thing about making garden gnomes is that you don't need a lot of skills to get started. In fact you can get started with no skills at all, but with mechanical skills you will work faster and make better gnomes. You will build mechanical skills while producing, so starting this business without skills actually is an alternative to studying the books first.

With no mechanical skills you will need almost 2.5 hours to make your first gnome. As you build skills the gnomes will be less and less time consuming to make, and when you are fully skilled (mechanical), you will produce a gnome in less than 30 minutes.

It's a lot of hard work to make garden gnomes, especially when you also improve your skills and need longer to make each gnome. You should be active and in good shape, otherwise the progress will become to slow. Never consider to start working when your mood is low, and remember that the room score affects your all over mood, so make sure to make the working area cosy and inviting. 

You will need the Kraftking Woodworker Table (§720) which is available only if your neighbourhood is living large. It's a way larger investment than i.e. buying an easel, but you will also earn a lot more from gnome making than from painting. If you don't have cash, there's always a possibility for getting a bank loan. And although the bank loan adds financial costs every day, you will soon earn enough from your gnome production to pay it all back.

You should also have some solid or old clothes for this work, because clothes can easily get damaged. Even if you are careful, it would be smart to change into another outfit while working on the gnomes, because it will help you seperate work and pleasure which can be important while working at home.

The paycheque
How much will you earn? Well, first of all, you need to know that it will take you about 2 weeks and 140 garden gnomes to be able to get maximum paid per gnome, which is §100. The earning is improved all the time though, and already after the first day you will get more than §10 per gnome. In the start you will not make more than 5-6 gnomes per day, so the income is limited for the start, but as you improve you will also make more gnomes per day, meaning that within a week you might earn at least §500 per day. And this is considered a very good daily paycheque.

After the 2nd week you should be close to getting §100 per gnome, and you will need less than 30 minutes to produce each of them. Note that you will also need some minutes for putting each gnome on the floor, so if the room is small or there are many gnomes you will need more and more time to find a free spot, and perhaps it spoils the good work and high income. It is normally no problem to earn §1.000 per day, some even make twice as much but probably not daily.

Another thing to be aware is that not everyone like the garden gnomes. If you leave them you do risk that someone might steal them, or destroy them. So if the income is very much needed you should always sell off your produce before you leave the working station. We recommend you to work in 2 shifts per day, each time making 5 gnomes. Even if you skip the evening shift you will still earn §500 per day, which will be enough for most household budgets.

To realize the earnings, you must sell the gnomes. Alternatively you can keep some of them in your inventory for gifts to neighbours or townies later on. To sell off your gnomes, simply sell them like you would sell any of your belongings. The modern community has got it's advantages. While your grandparents needed to travel to the market with their wagon filled up with gnomes, you will just sell them right away without leaving your home - easy as can get. We have not managed to reveal what happens to all the gnomes that are produced every day and all over Sim Nation, because you will normally not find them for sale Downtown or in Old Town, so we believe most of the production is exported to the Humans. If you do it for the money, you wouldn't mind though.

From the neighbourhoods
In Simmerville we have a couple residents who make a living from producing Garden Gnomes. Clive Appleton who recently reopened the Mapple Inn (lodging for ex-criminal youth) is producing gnomes in order to pay back the loans they needed to get the place started. His wife makes preserves, and he says that he manage to earn about §1400 daily. The good thing about this business he thinks is the possibility of taking days off and work only when needed. At the time being he needs to work a lot every day, but he still can find time for fun and recreation.

Brad Rose is another Simmerville resident who produces gnomes in his home, although he is still in the process of learning. - I do not produce a lot, he says, because both I and my wife are having a job which bring in enough money to cover our daily needs. Making gnomes is more a hobby of mine, which pays off enough to cover it's costs. Besides, I don't need to listen to my wife's nagging while I'm busy with the gnomes.

Photo top: Why not turn your cellar into a Gnome production station? You can work whenever you want and still make a nice addition to your household budget!