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Evita Mervil, leader
I'm thrilled to try to keep late Bettie Stello's local historical club alive! We will still have our meetings Wednesdays 6PM on various locations, I'll invite you. It's free to join our society. Writers are welcome to assist with the many upcoming registration jobs.
You can contact us here

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- article summing up 300 years of Simmerville! Old photos found!


Simmerville Family Tree

Your source for regional Simmish history!

Welcome to the Mazaloom Hostorical Society's web page! Genealogy sure is interesting and time consuming! So here we are, always under construction. Read about local simmish history and family trees. All related articles will be linked below.

Simmerville Families History Book!
This link is to our main project, the neverending Simmerville Family Trees and some articles, too. You can scroll generations, point portraits and read life lines. The navigation is undergoing improvements, but because the scripting is rather complex it's hard to tell when improvements are satisfying.

Simmerville's history started about 300 years before the TS2 revolution. The Historical Society has recorded detailed information on most households in all the hoods of Mazaloom County, as well as the counties of Appleton, Rolley and Cave. We can look up nearly any local Sim's rooths, and trace them back through generations even if they moved between hoods in this huge area. All this information is not available here on the web though, and in the future we will mainly focus on Simmerville.

The local historical society has not yet been offered a local office, I somehow doubt that we ever will. So you can not visit the Historical Society in Simmerville. We might have a stand at the library.

Here are some interesting articles:

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November 21, 2007, by Bettie Stello

Genealogy: Bluzz Family Story
October 31, 2006, by Bettie Stello

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April 18, 2004, by Sven Hornsby

Mervil family Story
January 27, 2004, by Sven Hornsby

Historical Society tracks your past!
January 2, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

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