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Grumblin - highlights
134 years before TS2 Alan Grumblin was the first Grumblin to settle in Simmerville... 110 years before TS2 Alan Grumblin (46) & wife Patrica Bolling moved in at 7 Simmerville to grow cabbage... 95 years before TS2 the large Grumblin cabbage farm was split into 9 lots (TS1: Simmerville 1 and 3-10) and shared between Alan Grumblin's 4 children... All lots except 1 Bendic Lane (TS1: 1 Simmerville) went out of the family... The homebased restaurant "Johanna's Kitchen" was opened... During TS2 transmission the only Grumblins in Simmerville were Steve and Johanna Grumblin... 13 simdays after TS2 Steve Grumblin died leaving the only true local Grumblin - a newborn daughter named Annalica...
Grumblin family tree
Adam GrumblinAlica (Pouley) Grumblin
Johanna (Farmer) GrumblinSteve GrumblinEsther (Hedgewood) GrumblinAnsgar (Teft) GrumblinGisalia (Grumblin) FallsKevin Falls
Annalica GrumblinConnard (Light) GrumblinAndrea Grumblin (downtown)Paddie (Light) Grumblin
Edina Grumblin
Grumblin family story
This Grumblin family is one of the very old families that have resided the Mazaloom area for ganerations and generations. The first Grumblin moved to Simmerville 134 years before TS2, and there are still descendants living in Simmerville.

The first Grumblins

Alan Grumblin was the first Grumblin to settle in Simmerville, 134 years before TS2. He grew up at 3 Rusterwood of Appleton County. His parents Stan Grumblin and Josephine Martz rented a small lettuce farm there for 27 years. Alan had 2 sisters and 1 brother, all younger. One sister married to Gürrus Clemp at 2 Frogdale, the others we are not sure of.

Lots and property

Alan Grumblin came to Simmerville to work at the Mervil Farm. Back then the northern farm area (Simmerville 1-10) had been left to the forest. Alan got permision from the Mervils to clear the land, and due to his efforts he got to buy all 9 lots for §24000. 

Lots in Simmerville where this family resided: 

7 Simmerville: 

This was the original main property of the Grumblins.

110 years before TS2 Alan Grumblin was 46 years old and his family moved in at 7 Simmerville. His wife was Patrica Bolling, daughter of Leutenant Abraham Bolling of Summerset. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters, Stanam (14), Eline (12), Abran (9) and Josella (7). On this large farm Alan grew cabbage.

15 years later Alan retired and he split the farm into 9 parts (Simmerville 1 + 3-10). 
Stanam Grumblin got Simmerville 1+3+4. Abran Grumblin got Simmerville 7+10. Eline Grumblin got Simmerville 5+8. Josella (Grumblin) Eccot got Simmerville 6+9.

95-72 years before TS2 Abran Grumblin lived here at 7 Simmerville while he let 10 Simmerville to cabbage farmers. He kept growing cabbage here as well, while his wife Thalla Joob worked in the culinary track. Abran and Thalla had 3 sons: Adam Grumblin (next farmer here at 7 Simmerville), Alan Grumblin (heir to 10 Simmerville, but rented and resided 72 Simmerville) and Pan Grumblin (married to Alexia Gobelin, moved to Slemmon Heights).

Through Abran and Adam this lot's fertility increased nicely, and produce paid off better. Adam married the local Ursulla Gobelin and they had only one son, Arod. The household was a wealthy one, and with just one heir the wealth continued.

Arod Grumblin was the last Grumblin on this lot. He married local Arline Fresco, they had 2 daughters, but they chose not to do any farming and 19 years before TS2 there was a serious house fire and they moved downtown, 4 years later they sold the lot to the Moulino family. Arod and Arline were very wealthy when they moved, but none of their daughters ever returned to Simmerville.

1 Simmerville:

95 years before TS2 Stanam Grumblin got this lot from his parents. He also owned number 3 and 4. 
Stanam's main income came from making and selling gnomes, but they also kept chicken. He married Estalia Joob from Betterville. They had 3 sons and 1 daughter: Adam Grumblin (heir to this lot), Alan Grumblin (heir to 3 Simmerville), Paran Grumblin (heir to 4 Simmerville) and Fredeica Grumblin (never married, she stayed as worker here).

Adam Grumblin and Alica (Pouley) kept some chicken, but not enough to make a living. They had 1 son Steve and 1 daughter Gisalia (married to Kevin Falls of Mountain Falls). Steve Grumblin got this lot, and he married the most known Grumblin of our time, Johanna (Farmer) Grumblin. They were the only Grumblins in Simmerville at the time of the TS2 transmition, when this lot became 1 Bendic Lane. Steven sailed ashore for 14 years, and Johanna worked with politics. They retired from their jobs and opened their homebased restaurant "Johanna's Kitchen", which is still a popular location. When Johanna died shortly after TS2 they had no children, but before Steven died he remarried the much younger Esther Hedgewood and they had a daughter, Annalica Grumblin. Esther and Annalica still resides this lot together with Esther's 2nd husband and their daughter, Andrea Grumblin.

This lot is now 1 Bendic Lane.

3 Simmerville:

75 years before TS2 this lot was split from 1 Simmerville, inherited by Alan Grumblin (20). He prepared the lot and built a small house, but he never actually grew anything here. He was a painting artist who never really did break through, and he depended on social welfare to manage. Alan Grumblin never married and had no children, and shortly before his death his sister Frederica Grumblin (62) moved in. She was unmarried too, so when she died 14 years before TS2 this house was sold out of the Grumblin family.

4 Simmerville:

65 years before TS2 this lot was split from 7 Simmerville, and Paran Grumblin inherited it. He built a house and grew tomatoes. Paran was clever with his hands, the house was small but lovely. He married Arila Bloom and they had a son, Stewart Grumblin. Stewart never married, but he lived in this house until he died only 41 years old, 31 years before TS2. He had debts, and after selling this house (to Simbille Ballong's parents) there was nothing left for the heirs.

8 Simmerville:

95 years before TS2 this lot was split from 7. Simmerville, and inherited by Eline Grumblin. Eline also owned 5 Simmerville that she let for rent, but that was shortly sold to the renter. Eline Grumblin sold eggs and chicken in Old Town. 34 years later Eline died (aged 61). She had no children or husband, and this lot was sold to the Fresco family (Juliana Valentino's grandparents).

10 Simmerville:

95 yeasrs before TS2 this lot was split from 7 Siommerville and inherited by Abran Grumblin. He rented and worked at the market at 72 Simmerville, and let 10 Simmerville for rent by the Rattings (20 years) and Wolmipots (32 years). There were many families renting this house, but most of them had to leave after a few years because they couldn't take the expenses.

5 years before TS2 a famous Simmervillian moved in here, namely Bimbi O'Brian (aka Bimbo NL). At the time of the TS2 transmition the lot was still owned by a Grumblin, namely Tillia Grumblin who lived at Slemmon Heights.

72 Simmerville:

This lot was established as a community lot (Ol'Ed's Market) 70 years before TS2. It was owned by Ol'Ed (full name Edgar Wilfred Mervil) who resided the Mervil Farm. He hired families to reside the lot in order to run the market.

The first family to reside and run Ol'Ed's Market was Alan Grumblin of 7 Simmerville. He owned 10 Simmerville but prefered to live at this Old Town lot. He married Karla Hedgewood, and they had 2 daughters and 2 sons. Alan and Karla's daughter Tilabeth Grumblin, and their granddaughter Katti Grumblin ran this market for a total of 54 years. They did not do very well, and in the end Katti's family had to move to her husband's family at Slemmon Heights.
Kattie's 4 siblings did all move away, Stella married Jorian Nocturn at Windmill Heights, Bogan married Fanira Hoover and they rented 56 Simmerville but moved to a downtown ghetto, Arthur never married but left. 

9 years before TS2 Ol'Ed died and this lot became the property of Simmerville hood.

The Grumblins of today

The Grumblin family is quite large, but because some long past family members had no children, and others moved out of the hood or married into other families, there are very few Grumblins in Simmerville of today. When Steven Grumblin's wife Johanna died, he remarried Esther Hedgewood. They had a daughter Annalica Grumblin who recently inherited "Johanna's Kitchen". Esther H. Grumblin remarried Ansgar Teft (former gardener and farmer at Mervil Farm) and their daughter is Andrea Grumblin, although Andrea isn't really carrying the Grumblin DNA.

[Text by Mazaloom Historical Society, April 2004]

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