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Mervil - highlights
299 years before TS2: Knight Edmund Mervil got the Simmerville area from heroic battle efforts... 9 years before TS2 Edgar Wilfred "Ol'Ed" Mervil died and much Mervil property and rights went to Simmerville Hood and AUJS... 27 simdays after TS2 Mr Brion Mervil dies from old age and few days later his widow Marta is found dead... Egoon Mervil inherites the Mervil Farm, but shortly after SimCity House of Law forces him to leave the Mervil goods to younger halfsister Sophelia Mervil... 41 simdays after TS2 Cruella Mervil returns to the old Mervil residence at 7 Old Simmer Lane...
Mervil family tree
Edven Mervil (Simmerville)Chamelie Bluzz Mervil
Listher Mervil (Simmerville)Brigort Mervil (Simmerville)Linda Valentino
Edgar Wilfred Mervil (Simmerville)Cruela Hedgewood (Simmerville)Manelie Mervil (Downtown)
Elsa Rolley (Simmerville)Brion Mervil (66 Simmerville)Marta Trull (66 Simmerville)Blurt Mervil (Slemmon Heights)Libby Brybrey (Slemmon Heights)
Egoon Mervil (64 Simmerville)Rebecka (Goth) MervilRabarabra SimpleyAroon (Mervil) SimpleySophelia MervilFrances (Worthington I) MervilCruella MervilAlovar (Appleton) MervilStewart Gobelin (62 Simmerville)Angela (Mervil) Gobelin
Brigar GothDella MervilBross MervilMarbes MervilMaritha MervilEvita Mervil
Mervil family story
These are the descendants of the family that founded Simmerville 300 years ago. You might have guessed that the Simmerville name is based on their family name, Mervil.

300 years ago there was a Knight named Edmund Mervil, who from heroic battle efforts was rewarded by Duke Mazaloom with the entire Simmerville area. Back then no sim lived there, but the forest was full of wild dragons, guinea pigs and chicken. Edmund Mervil made a living from hunting, he married Edihild Aragoon, and when he died only 46 years old there were three children to make use of the land, Stella, Brigoon and Axantrus. It is Brigoon's descendants who lead to the Mervil family of today, and it's also the only family line where male family members bring on the Mervil name up to our time.

This line can easily be traced because they all resided on the same lot, today's 7 Old Simmer Lane - Maple Inn (TS1: 77 Simmerville - Maple Str.). The names were Brigoon, Edgar, Britin, Edven, Brigort, and finally Edgar Wilfred Mervil who was born 100 years ago. It is interesting to see how the names alternate between Bri and Ed, according to the old naming tradition.

All these Mervils made a living from hunting, farming and trades. The dragons and pigs became rarer as the forest was cut down about 200 years ago. At the large county meeting 210 years ago cabbage was assigned as Simmerville's main product, and along the riverside there was some early trading activity including a few hand crafters. The Mervils controlled all those trades from the start and they established two local markets that are still operated. First Lucie Mervil established Mervil's Market at #61. She died with no children, and her niece Listher Mervil ran Mervil's Market for another generation. Then Listher's nephew, Edgar Wilfred Mervil (also known as Ol' Ed) established Ol' Ed's Market at #72, 

The first market was a direct result of the huge family property being split between heirs, and Mervil's Market is today Simmerville's main market and was even the main location of the SimCity Food Expo 2003. Also Ol' Ed's Market at #72 still exists, but it has been modernized a lot.

Ol' Ed was the last Mervil to reside 7 Old Simmer Lane (TS1: 77 Simmerville), as he moved to 1 Mervil Farm (TS1: 66 Simmerville). Many say that the Mervil dynasty died with Ol' Ed ten years ago, but two generations later the Mervils are still on top of our community. Before Ol' Ed died most of the family goods had been sold out of the family. The trade competition from SimCity and other hoods was simply too hard. The family still holds 6 lots in Simmerville, but Ol' Ed put strange restrictions to them in his will, such as letting an organization ("Organization For Unfairly Jailed Young Sims") use #77 for free for 50 years ("Maple Inn"). #63 he let to renters on a 30 years irreversible contract. This meant that today's Mervils are still waiting to make use of their right property. Whilst they wait, they must reside less valuable lots. Ol' Ed was a clever and friendly man, and nobody really knows why he changed his will shortly before he died.

Ol' Ed had two sons, Brion and Blurt, and from these two Brion Mervil is the only one who is still alive, residing at 66 Simmerville with his 2nd wife, Marta. The next generation counts three children, all residing in Simmerville. Only Blurt's daughter Angela has inherited her father who died 4 years ago. Brion's two sons, Egoon and Aroon, are the only Mervils left to bring on the family name.

Text composed by Mazaloom Historical Society few days before TS2, modified on simday 45 (January 2006)

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