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Sven Hornsby 3rd generation Hornsby to live in 9 Simmerville (Simmer Lane). Recently he founded Mazaloom Historical Society. Other members are Brion Mervil and Ansgar Teft.
The Counties:
This is the complete list of the counties and hoods of our district:

Mazaloom County
Simmerville, Betterville, Summerset, Slemmon Heights, Windmill Heights, Testville, Goodhill

Rolley County
Lobsterville, Bloomdale, Frostydale, Otherville, Bluedale, Golden Pond, Northdale

Cave County
Mountain Falls, Rosewood, Sunville, Hope Cave, Sunny Heights, Muggerville, Waterwood, Gothan Forest

Appleton County
Springdale, Bestonville, Rusterwood, Hitch Heights, Frogdale

Your local history:
Starting this January, Mazaloom Historical Society will publish a series of articles related to local history. By following these lectures you might be inspired to start a historical society and your own local history book!

Coming articles will focus on:
(Might be revised)

  • General developments over the past 300 years. The old dukes, revolutions, laws, the farmers.
  • The traditions for naming and inheriting, 
  • Each lot has its history! How many generations can you trace?
  • Historical Society tracks your past!
    January 2, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

    Turning a new year makes it natural to look ahead, but also to learn from the past. Recently Mazaloom Historical Society was founded, and in this article the founder, Sven Hornsby, discusses fragments of our history.

    December 5th the Mazaloom Historical Society was founded here in Simmerville. I decided to interview the founder, Mr Sven Hornsby, and I expected a brief meeting. They were just established (and I must confess that history isn't just as appealing to me as espresso), so I was surprised to find that this society already has a very long list of thoroughly planned and interesting projects.

    Sven Hornsby has been living in Simmerville for a long time, ever since his Grandfather bought the house. Eight years ago both Sven's parents and his younger brother, Ronny, died in a car crash, and being left alone he started to trace more distant relatives.

    - Yo, Sven Hornsby. Your new society has a series of interesting plans - interesting to those into genealogy and local history, of course - but before we dive into your notes book, I think you must explain the name Mazaloom to our distant readers.

    - Of course. Mazaloom is the old name of the county where you find Simmerville. The name has been used for at least 300 years, and Mazaloom County include a total of 7 hoods. This particular area has a lot of common history with 3 neighbouring counties, namely Rolley County, Cave County and Appleton County [details listed to the left - Bimbo NL]. Today we hardly use these names, as we more often refer to the SimCity district. It has naturally to do with the community administration of modern ages which was gradually centralized in the city over the past century.

    We chose the name Mazaloom Historical Society because we want to write a family history book for the entire Mazaloom district, although we will of course start with Simmerville. In this work we will also do a lot of research on the counties of Rolley, Cave and Appleton because many families moved a lot, especially back when children needed to look for new ground for farming. Mostly they had to rent a house, which meant they ended up rather poor while the landlords made good profit.

    - Can you please tell us about your biggest projects.

    - I'd love to, but although the ideas and plans are many, the society will need to discuss them over at a meeting taking place in Simmerville this weekend, in accordance with the huge Community Event. I would think that genealogy, old days' everyday life, and the family history book are projects that we will take further, and we might also start working to build a Center for Local History or a Museum/Library here in Simmerville. We also have a deal with Chris JB who will help refreshing and framing old family portraits. I guess he will deliver the first set this weekend, already. 

    - Will all these details be available on the web?

    - Yes, you know they will. We just discussed that, hehe. Portraits will be available from the Simmerville site quite soon, and over the next months we will publish the family trees of the families that have resided Simmerville the longest. We start with the Mervils, the family that gave Simmerville its name, quite an interesting fact, don't you think? Our history is full of facts like that; thousand pieces of our history were put together to form the hood like we recognize it of today.

    - Can you answer a question I always had; did they drink espresso and read glossy magazines in old times - say like 10 years ago?

    - Hehe, well, time wise our focus is 100-300 years ago, not only 10, and I don't think anyone knew about espresso back then. The better families had books to read, but magazines were an urban phenomena introduced about 50 years ago in SimCity. You obviously have a lot to learn from our work. 

    - Well, I think 10 years ago is a long time - not to talk about 300 years - WoW, way cool! Well, let's go on... The Mazaloom Historical Society is just established and you welcome new members, right?

    - Yes, we are in need of local members to help with our many upcoming projects. Both older and younger sims are welcome. Sims who lives elsewhere than in Mazaloom county must found their own societies, but they are of course welcome to follow our example and our progress.

    - Is there any qualifications needed?

    - In fact there is, at least we needed a way to pick those most suited for our projects. Currently our new members must live or have their family roots in the Mazaloom County, and the total of their Neatness+Logics+Weather+Technology should be at least 20. Working with historical facts, finding connections, keeping track on information and being able to read statistics etc. will benefit from these qualifications.

    - Weather?

    - Yes, most sims who are interested in weather are used to read weather statistics or forecast analysis, these kind of sims are often focused on local environment and traditions, too. But if you are neat, have good logic skills and are very interested in technology, then we will of course not require any Weather interest at all.

    - Thank you, Sven Hornsby. Is there anything you like to add?

    - Yes, we also hope that our initiative will inspire other counties or hoods to establish historical societies. Start by arranging a local meeting, then come back to this web site where we will publish a series of articles about the Simmish history. Most of today's hoods do belong to similar constellations of hoods and share a more or less common history regarding produce, trades, laws and other community aspects. That is why we think it might be of interest to other areas as well to have their own historical society and to learn about their past.

    Okey, Thanx, Mr Hornsby. Simmerville web will unfortunately not provide a new HISTORY section, but all future content will be listed in the SCIENCE section.