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Hornsby - highlights
58 years before TS2 Swey Hornsby & wife Claire Hillhill & son Albert (3) settled in Simmerville... 38 years before TS2 Albert Hornsby inherited the large house at old 9 Simmerville... 8 years before TS2 Albert Hornsby (53), wife Henny Gross (50) and son Ronny (20) all were killed when their car crashed with the school bus, only son Sven Hornsby (22) survived... 44 simdays after TS2 Sven Hornsby died and left only one adopted son, Johnny CS Hornsby, who is married with 3 children...
Hornsby family tree
Sven HornsbyCarl Lobos
Johnny CS HornsbyFedima (Beartop) Hornsby
Susan HornsbyCharlow HornsbyShawn Hornsby
Hornsby family story
This family moved to Simmerville 58 years before the TS2, and there are still descendants living in Simmerville. 

The first Hornsbys

This family moved to Simmerville 58 years before the TS2 transmition. But the family can be traced even further back.

124 years before TS2, Swan Hornsby bought 4 Lobsterville (Rolley County, Mazaloom). The property was cleared only since 30 years, and Swan kept pigs and grew lettuce. He married Ballanna Ivvy, and they had only one son, Alvin. Both Swan Hornsby and Ballanna Ivvy were born in the downtown area.

Alvin Hornsby married Loretta Steephy, and they had a son and a daughter. Son, Swey Hornsby was heir to 4 Lobsterville, but he is the one who introduced this family to Simmerville. After 13 years of farming at 4 Lobsterville, Swey sold the house to his younge sister Louanna, and moved to Simmerville with wife Claire (Hillhill) and their only child Albert (3). This took place 58 years before TS2.

Lots and property

The Hornsby family was wealthy but they never owned much land in Simmerville. Their small generations allowed them to mainly reside 9 Simmerville, where they had one of the largest houses of the hood.

Lots in Simmerville where this family resided: 

9 Simmerville: 

58 years before TS2, Swey Hornsby bought 9 Simmerville from Josella Grumblin (7 Simmerville). The former renter was Raolius Gobelin. The lot included major cabbage fields, but Swey reduced the cabbage produce and started holding pigs like he used to back in Lobsterville. The farm's total produce was 2/3 cabbage and 1/3 pigs.

The farming success did not last long. When Albert Hornsby inherited 9 Simmerville (38 years before TS2) he kept producing cabbage and pigs but to a much smaller scale. The total farming produce was only 8/50 of the household's total working efforts. Albert did very well with finances and his wife Henny Gross from far-away did well in business. When Swey and Claire could no longer work, there was no farming activity left at 9 Simmerville.

A terrible car accident

Albert and Henny had 2 sons, Sven and Ronny. They were one of Simmerville's wealthiest households. Everything looked bright for the next generation. Then, only 8 years before TS2 something terrible happened. Albert (53), Henny (50) and the boys Sven (22) and Ronny (20) were driving their modern car when Albert had a heart attack and they crashed with the school bus! All except the oldest son, Sven Hornsby, died.

The Hornsbys of today

The Hornsby family is currently a very small family. The family in Simmerville seems to be the only one because back in Lobsterville Louanna Hornsby married to Jacob Litton and they took the Litton family name.

Back in TS1 Sven Hornsby partnered with Carl Lobos, they adopted a son, Johnny CS Hornsby. Then Carl Lobos was killed in the secret Alien Operation just before Simmerville got back the 3rd dimension. Sven had a career in the Law Enforcement track, then after TS2 he tried both Science and Medicine. 34 simdays after TS2 Sven Hornsby is still alive and resides the Hornsby residence's senior section.

Their old house at 9 Simmerville was mostly rebuilt after TS2, and it's a very large house now at 6 New Simmer Lane. Even though the Hornsby family seems to have had more than their share of bad luck, the Hornsby household is still very wealthy. Johnny CS Hornsby has married local Fedima (Beartop), and they have 3 children, Susan (6), Charlow (3) and Shawn (1).
[Text by Mazaloom Historical Society, January 2006]

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