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SUN Boards - where Sims meet Sims   [SUN board: Easier Sim Living&SUN Board: SUN Kidz were closed due to interactivity ]

Discuss with other Sims! Share experience and build relations across neighbourhoods! Please respect that these boards are open to Sims and not Humans! Only Sims living in SUN participating neighbourhoods should start a new thread, but any Sim can read and reply. MORE

So, you're participating in a SUN Exchange, but you need some help. Feel free to browse this article for lots of technical information regarding the exchange. Good luck and happy traveling!  SUN Exchange - Travel Instructions
Awarding the unselfish Sim

The SUN Awards focuses on kindness and community spirit. The awards recognize sims because of something unselfish. Not necessarily a local hero, but close to it. Each SUN participating hood can have one candidate per category - any age or gender!

Read about the 2006 winners here!

Do your neighbour deserve a 2007 SUN Award? Nominations will be open Autumn 2007, please check back.

Read more:
2006: The SUN Awards
2004: SUN Awards - awarding good neighbours! (TS1)
2004: Be nice, be good - and win the SUN Awards!



Community Spirit Award
- awarding community service
2006 winner: Mark Phillips, Simborough.
2004 winner: Johanna Grumblin, Simmerville.
2004 runner up: Adelaide Stone, Palatial Heights.

Good Neighbor Award
- awarding good old-fashioned "neighborliness"

2006 winner: Marie O. Wooblershield, Simmerville.
2004 winner: Norah Wallace, Greymount.
2004 runner up: Anne Briggon, Simmerville.

SUN Hood of the year[2004 only]
- awarding hoods with meaningful SUN community participation

2004 winner: Simborough

SUN Core Group

The SUN Core Group will do it's best to co-ordinate all attempts to UNITE the participating neighbourhoods, basically by offering each member a presentation on the SUN web page, initiating joint events and by providing discussion forums (boards) for Sims. The Core will also co-ordnate any input from the members.

SUN members' Spokes Sims are welcome to contact any SUN Core member with related ideas and concerns:)

Current practice is that a new SUN Core Group is replaced every 6 months (starting July2003); the 1st of January and July. All members will be invited in advance. Existing core members can go for another period, but must sign up again. It's not possible to join the core group on other dates but you can contact the core if you like to help with specific jobs.

January-June 2007:

Apple Valley - Alia Kent, SUN Core Leader
Simborough - Alon Harrow
Eden, Brooke Young
Nottingham - Clark Breyden
Simmerville - Hedrian Appleton

The SUN web register is maintained by:
Hedrian Appleton

SUN Core members entrance.

Note: Older articles can be found in the Simmerville Library (both TS1 and TS2).