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Modern sims like to build relations accross neighbourhood borders!

The purpose of the SUN network is to unite SimCity neighbourhoods and their residents in order to establish contacts for sharing knowledge and culture between neighbourhoods. 

PLEASE NOTE: SUN is not intended for Humans playing The Sims, but for the established neighbourhoods and their residents.

*) All features are linked from SUN main page.
Web form C 
SPECIAL: We signed the Apartment Life deal!
Modified September 12, 2008

NOTE: This webform is for special updates only. Right now we expect many members to sign the new Apartment Life deal, and if that is the case with your hood you can tell us here instead of using the full version of the update form.

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Click here to submit your registration. Please allow 1 week for it to be handled. On the SUN main page you will find information on any delay. You will get notified when your registration was updated.