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Sims United Neighbourhoods

The SUN Awards Categories
The 3 catergories are: 

Community Spirit Award
- awarding community service

Good Neighbor Award
- awarding good old-fashioned “neighborliness”

SUN Hood of the Year
- awarding hoods with meaningful SUN community participation.

SUN Awards nominations Form
Do you know of a local sim who deserves a SUN Award, according to either of the 3 categories? Please use this form to post your nomination.
Deadline for submissions: March 21
Winners to be announced: April 10

SUN Awards Category:
1.  Community Spirit Award
2.  Good Neighbor Award
3.  SUN Hood of the Year

Nominated Sim's name or Hood name:

Nominated sim's age (adults only):
[N/A  for SUN Hood of the Year]

Nominated sim's sex:
[N/A  for SUN Hood of the Year]

Nominated sim's address (hood):
[N/A  for SUN Hood of the Year]

Why should this sim/hood win the award for this category?
Note: Write a brief comment, max 5 lines.

Your neighbourhood:
Note: Neighbourhood must be registered with SUN.

Your e-mail address [REQUIRED]:
Note: Local spokes sim's address can be used.

We will confirm it when we receive your suggestion.

Questions about the submission can be directed to Starr Grey.

Be nice, be good - and win the SUN Awards!
February 18, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

There exists kindness in SimNation! Some sims are nice and unselfish, and you might be one of those. This Spring the SUN hosts the SUN Awards in order to recognize our better side. Read on to learn how your hood can participate.

Chaos at the SimCity Airport, a dreadful weather and my aching feet put a stop to my plans of visiting Starr Grey in her private environment, I wanted to show her that being trendy can also be a good and unselfish thing. But instead we had to arrange the interview via email.

These days the SUN (Sims United Neighbourhoods) is scheduling the take off for the soon to come SUN Awards. A chance for us all to stand out in a positive way.

Starr Grey, your main job at the time as a SUN core member is operating the SUN Awards. What exactly is this award about?

The SUN Awards is a contest focusing on kindness & community spirit. There are three catergories: Community Spirit Award focusing on community service, Good Neighbor Award, focusing on good old-fashioned “neighborliness” and SUN Hood of the Year, which is for Hoods with meaningful SUN community participation. We wanted to have a contest that rewarded sims because of something unselfish. Not necessarily a local hero, but close to it.

Who can participate and what would they have to do to win?

Anyone can enter all the catergories, however to promote fairness, the SUN Core Hoods are restricted from entering the SUN Hood of the Year event. All Hoods should hold local events to select the local winners for each category and the local winners would be submitted to the SUN Core for the SUN Event by March 21st.

Only one SIM can be submitted per category per hood. Which means that, for example, only your name could be submitted for the Good Neighbor Award, not your name and say...Juliana's name. But your name could be submitted for the Good Neighbor Award and Juliana's name submited for the Community Spirit Award. Do you see what I mean?

Of course I do, but I don't even know my neighbours very well because they are not so - ehm, trendy. But I don't quite get it how the candidates will be chosen and the winners picked?

All entries to the SUN Event will be considered and the SUN Core Group has a criteria list to consider for each catergory in judging. For example, the Community Spirit Award candidates the significant impact of thier contributions and efforts, innovativeness of the contributions and efforts extended in order to perform community service are considered.

Pleaze, tell us more about the local events!

It is suggested that Hoods hold local events, for example: Greymount is planning to hold a local event and then submit our winners to the SUN Event. But anyone is able to directly submit a name-however, since only ONE SIM PER HOOD can be submitted for EACH CATEGORY, it is suggested that the Hood chooses a representative. 

The goal is to have a nominee from each hood, similar to those beauty pagents you hear about all the time. We suggest that each resident suggests a sim to thier hood rep, or another individual in charge of selecting the representative, and that sim submits each name.

Will SUN Awards be excluding hoods that are not registered with SUN?

Yes, SUN Awards is for SUN participating hoods only, but pending hoods are eligible, too. So it will be enough to submit a first registration before entering the contest.

What are the prizes and how will the winners be announced and celebrated?

Each winner will recieve a custom designed plaque from Chris JB and the two runner-ups will receive a wonderful bouquet of flowers. We are still discussing if a monetary contribution and a trophy will be included as well. More details on this will be posted shortly. 

Will there be a coolness award, too?

Uh, no. A coolness award is not at all what we're promoting, besides, coolness can't exactly be quanitified.

Do you think it's typical for sims of today to be more selfish than our great-grandparents were?

But of course! We have so much more than our ancestors, like magazines, lavish vacation resorts, tons and tons of shopping options. They had to make due with a selection of perhaps three beds, while now we have hundreds to chose from! We can't help but be more selfish!!

Well, lets all prove that sims can be nice and kind and have a huge heary, and all those other not so trendy terms, too. If you know a local sim who you think would deserve a nomination, notify the hood's local council or spokes sim to arrange a local election. Your final nominations should be posted to SUN via the web form available at the SUN main page!

Photo: Starr Grey is both a superstar and SUN core member.