SUN - web form A - requesting a SUN ID
Modern sims want to build relations accross neighbourhood borders!

The purpose of the SUN network is to unite SimCity neighbourhoods and their residents in order to establish contacts for sharing knowledge and culture between neighbourhoods. 

PLEASE NOTE: SUN is not intended for Humans playing The Sims, but for the established neighbourhoods and their residents.

Participating neighbourhoods will
  • Get listed on the SUN web page
  • Get your own SUN presentation on Simmerville web
  • Join the SUN core group
  • Join the SUN Family Exchange
  • Be included in SUN's nation wide census
  • Get notified by mail on major SUN news
  • Your residents can initiate interest groups
Participating neighbourhoods must
  • Have one official spokes person Sim, who will be listed by name and e-mail address here on the SUN-page, and who might even represent your neighbourhood as a member of the SUN core group. *)
  • Make sure your registration is not reaching the bottom 10 on the members list. Avoid this by update one or more households. Bottom 10 members that were not updated since 6 months or more might get deleted.
  • No other obligations or any costs included.

*) All features are linked from SUN main page.
Web form A 
Modified November 15, 2004

This is the first step in becoming a SUN member.

You will need a SUN-ID *before* you register your neighbourhood for a SUN membership. Use this web form (A) for requesting your new SUN-ID or your current ID (in case you have forgotten it).

If you already have your SUN-ID you should rather use web form B to submit general census information on your neighbourhood.

Please fill in all fields.

This submition is a

Neighbourhood's name:

Your neighbourhood's spokes person:
Note that the spokes person must be one of the sims living in your neighbourhood.
E-mail address: 
if email address is missing your request will be ignored 

Click below to submit your request. You will receive your SUN-ID by mail, normally within a 1-7 days. When you get the SUN-ID you must submit form B in order to have your neighbourhood on the SUN members listing.

Please submit only once. If you have not received your SUN ID after 7 days please contact SUN web rather than resubmitting.