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Sim Watch: Album Day41-45
December 30, 2002 - by Bimbo N. Loveless

Because of heavy downloads each report will have it's own album. Click any thumb for a larger view.

Most of these photos are no longer linked from the main report, because it all became too time consuming to prepare. Note that some of the illustration descriptions in this album is a little less serious and not necessarily correct as the report and journals will be.

A new album will be available together with the next report in 5 Sim days.

Photo Albums
6 AM, John and Sonia just left their beds. Sonia wonders if their last computer is still there, or if it's been repossessed.
They rushed out on the terrace and Sonia grills some burgers. Rasputiz comes, too.
Rush hour in the bathroom. Rasputiz just washed his hands, Agnes waters a plant, and Arthur laying in the tub waiting for them both to leave him alone.
Any fan mail for us today? Quentin checks - oh no, even more bills...
Rita doesn't think that Sonia is any great performer. In the hot tub Quentin and John are discussing sports, while Rasputiz is waiting to get access to the refrigerator.
Looks like Arthur thinks something in the line of "Sonia isn't that bad, after all". Did she tell him how well he suits that red tie?
Full action in the FUN room. Rita and Agnes are playing the flip game, while Sonia is telling Arthur how silly he looks in that red tie!
They do like it when it's crowded. Rasputiz can't decide whether he should serve a double dinner or simply grab a bag of snacks for himself.
Dinner time at last, but who prepared the food, and why is there a fly in Rita's meal?
The last computer was repossessed, instead they got the Virtual Reality set back. Arthur was quickest, Agnes will need to stay in line.
Is Agnes still waiting to use the Virtual Reality set?
Rasputiz loves watching a good horror movie, it's like if he was up to something...?
John cleaning the table, while Rita pretends not seeing him.
Do Rita use the chess tokens as psychological advisers? Quentin would know, because he is hiding behind a book and can hear everything Rita is saying to the king and the queen...
John impresses Sonia by telling how many footballs he had when he was a boy - 1!
It's John's IN THE SPOT DAY. He is still asleep in the white bedroom, even if it's past 6 AM already.
He finally got up, finding the others talking about him in the dining room. Agnes thinks he is the sunshine in her life.
Agnes heard rumours of John going to take a bath, so she rushed in there to get a good place...
Shhhhh - John is doing the Virtual Reality game, right now he pretends he is a dog.
He bet §10 and lost. Sonia is there too, is she wanting to tell him something?
Sonia, John and Arthur are leaving the hot tub, because Quentin mentions the skies and predicts rain...
It started to rain heavily, and John, Sonia and Quentin ran into the dining room to have some dinner.
It must have stopped raining right away, cause the balcony plant was dry as usual.
John and Quentin went for a swim - indoor - Sonia considers calling the Olympic Committee.
Sonia misses the Maid, but she also knows she will return to her real life in only 6 Sim days, so better start getting used to cleaning bath tubs again.
Oh no!!! Rita can't hold back, while Arthur and Quentin pretend not noticing.
Sonia does like it when Rasputiz talks about the mountain where he grew up. It's in the other world.
Sonia was watering the atrium flowers, when Agnes asked John to dance, right in front of her!
- You better stay away from my John!!!
Rita doesn't like sports, but she enjoy talking about it...
Wow, that was close! Rita almost repossessed?
Sonia greets another test Sim, Ms Light, who is paying them a visit. They have not had visitors in a long time.
John joins Rita playing chess.
Next morning, John and Rita discuss the chess game, while Quentin is looking for a way to leave the room.
- That's where I live when I'm not in this house, Agnes explains to Arthur. Was Arthur invited, although their relation is mostly bad?
The sports talk might have inspired Rita getting familiar with the basket ball.
John and Sonia often stick together even if they don't talk. It's like they are a married couple since a long time...
Oh no! The espresso machine broke down! John actually broke it on purpose, as he knows the repair man is already on his way.
Are Agnes and Quentin discussing how much they will get paid from spending 50 Sim days in this house?
Rita is nervous, she expects that basket ball to hit the hot tub any second.
- Not done yet? Agnes just checked on the progress, but obviously needs to give it more time.
A overview, all 7 are included on this photo - can you find them all?
Sonia did just insult Quentin, he cries, and she loves it!