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Sim Watch: Album Day36-37
December 12, 2002 - by Bimbo N. Loveless

Because of heavy downloads each report will have it's own album. Click any thumb for a larger view.

Most of these photos are no longer linked from the main report, because it all became too time consuming to prepare. Note that some of the illustration descriptions in this album is a little less serious and not necessarily correct as the report and journals will be.

A new album will be available together with the next report in 5 Sim days.

Photo Albums
Good morning! John, Sonia and Quentin starts in the kitchens.
And here's how the dining table looks like. It will be a busy day for the maid...
Rita, Agnes Arthur, John and Quentin all eats standing.
... while Sonia ran off to use the swimming pool.
Later on she improved her relation with John a lot. He told her about the sunny day, and she kind of melted...
Next morning Arthur tries to impress Sonia, but well... she had other things in mind...
Rasputiz is getting awake in Sonia's old bed - he is using it now.
John can't wait to leave the SimLOOK house. Here he's pretty bored, playing basket ball alone.
Agnes drinks espresso over at the kitchen. Hm, maybe swim wear would suit better for this occasion?
Then - what everybody has been talking of: Sonia obviously fell in love with John!
Arthur is tired of it all too. He is relaxing on the balcony of the double bedroom.
John and Sonia jumped into the hot tub, John tells her about a mountain he know, and she is so impressed! Agnes is watching...
...and watching - is she jealous?
In the dining room the Maid is having dinner with Quentin and John.
Later on there was some fun over in the Gym, even Rasputiz is swimming - and Arthur is wearing his special phantom tight suit, while John gets ready to dive...
It's Agnes' IN THE SPOT day! Today we will follow Agnes closely, and she started by entertaining Sonia - is Agnes trying to become friend with Sonia in order to get closer to John? Sonia laughed and they both had fun.
In the dining room they have dinner, and Agnes and Sonia are both seated next to John...Quentin and Arthur are there too.
Agnes brushing her teeth while she wait for the maid to clean the showers. Rita wants to see that the maid does a proper job, and Arthur doesn't care...
Sonia playing with the basket ball, which John did last night...
Fun in the FUN room, Agnes, John and Arthur. Note the red bills to the left.
Finally Agnes managed to get alone with John, here they are hugging, but we really don't know what they just said...
History repeats? Agnes and John jumped into the hot tub. Where is Sonia?
It's a few minutes past midnight, in the library Rita and Rasputiz play chess, while Agnes has fun at the computer.
Next morning, Rasputiz just woke up because of bladder - he made it in the last second...
Agnes played computer games all night, and on her way to bed she collapsed in the hallway upstairs.
On the terrace this morning, some of them are eating. No fire yet...
Oh, and then they eat again, this time in the dining room. There's been extremely many group meals lately.
Quentin and Sonia discuss music, and Sonia starts to like Quentin...
Arthur playing in the atrium. He has no friends, but he had a pretty good time after his first awful week in the house. Does he miss Magdalena?
John is dreaming about a Christmas in a totally different house.
Yet another day, the easel has been replaced, Agnes appreciates that, or is she applauding Rasputiz?
The kitchen is Rita's favourite room. The refrigerator might be her favourite appliance.
Oh, and she likes the mailbox, too? Or did she get their bills just to cause trouble?
The atrium plants have been totally forgotten lately. How strange - but Quentin managed to save them all! 
Agnes tries to be wherever John is. Here she pretends cheering on Rasputiz, but all she wants is to jump into the hot tub with John. She likes him like 100 now!
Another day has become night, only 10 days to go!