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Sim Watch: Album Day31-35
October 30, 2002 - by Bimbo N. Loveless

Because of heavy downloads each report will have it's own album. Click any thumb for a larger view.

You might notice a slightly differ in quality, especially on the tumbs, it's because we use a new program which I'm yet not familiar with, hmm...

Most of these photos are no longer linked from the main report, because it all became too time consuming to prepare. Note that some of the illustration descriptions in this album is a little less serious and not necessarily correct as the report and journals will be.

A new album will be available together with the next report in 5 Sim days.

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It's 6 AM and Quentin just got out of bed. It's his IN THE SPOT Day!
On the terrace there's burgers, and all 7 are there. Arthur, Sonia, Agnes, Quentin, Rita and John in the background, and Rasputiz on his way downstairs.
John and Rita talks about how the wether will be if Quentin eats his plate clean. Oops, here he comes, carrying TWO clean plates! Rita concludes that the day will be sunny!
Agnes singing in the hot tub, trying to sing louder than Sonia insulting Arthur in the background.
Rasputiz and Quentin just helped each other checking the mail, Rasputiz went back into the house, while Quentin watered some plants.
Some meals are so cosy! If they only could lit the fireplace just once... oh, hey, who's there eating with them? Is it Arthur who has crossdressed like the maid?
Quentin is one of the most regular users of the Gym pool. This time it seems he plans a backward dive?
We replaced the easel because we didn't want any of them to sell the painting. Sonia rushed to it, and started to improve her creative talent. Is she painting a portrait of her self and John?
Sonia, Rasputiz, Rta and Agnes started their 34th day on the terrace.
Eating is perfect for socializing, Agnes and Rasputiz discuss how much they would like a rainy day. Rita, Arthur and Quentin are also seated here in the dining room.
John cleaning the kitchen floor, while the maid goes upstair to take a nap?
Rita spending some time on painting. 
Sonia just had a swim in the Gym, and did we catch her throwing away her wet towel, or what?
Evening activity in the library, Quentin reading a book about plants and flowers on the hidden island of Curisimia, while John do some chessing.
Sonia likes it in her swim suit. Here she's brushing teeth, in the dark, but tomorrow the repairman will come...
Is Sonia in love with John? Yesterday she painted their wedding portrait, tonight she is dreaming about John...
Burglar!!! For the first time in the project, someone broke in to steal from the SimLOOK house. Here goes the computer.
Chaos on the terrace this morning when they got to know the computer was stolen!
EThe stolen computer leadto a reinstated piano! Nobody managed to play on it though, because only hours later the repo man repossessed it...
John joining Agnes and Rita in the hot tub.
What a day! First the burglar, now the terrace trash can caught fire! Quentin and Rasputiz screams like crazy.
The fireman comes on short notice, will anyone block his way up to the terrace? Perhaps Agnes wanna give him a back rub?
Yes! He made it, and the situation is under control. Quentin and Rasputize still screams though.
The fireman ran too fast for Agnes, she just tried to give Rita a back rub instead. Rita didn't like it a lot...
Today was Repair man day in the house. He had quite some job!