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Sim Watch: Album Day26-30
September 13, 2002 - by Bimbo N. Loveless

Because of heavy downloads each report will have it's own album. Click any thumb for a larger view.

Most of these photos are no longer linked from the main report, because it all became too time consuming to prepare. Note that some of the illustration descriptions in this album is a little less serious and not necessarily correct as the report and journals will be.

A new album will be available together with the next report in 5 Sim days.

Photo Albums
Agnes feels lonely this morning, but Rita and Sonia will rather play chess than speak to Agnes.
Than Arthur comes to talk, and Rasputiz wants to talk too...
... but Agnes want to scare him, he is terrified!
A phone call for John, Arthur and Sonia pretend not to listen to his privat dialogue.
John thinks it's strange they have never been visited by a burglar. Agnes agrees.
Sonia can't quite understand who left the terrace in this condision, but will she clean the mess?
Rasputiz throws away some old hamburgers...
...while the Collection Departement throws away the hot tub! John was almost thrown away, too!
Agnes and Sonia eats breakfast in the library. After both the computers were repossessed, they got a new cosy place for eating...
That train looks lovely, Rita applauds. John does his best to keep the train on the track.
Let's sing the Chess song, Rita suggests to Rasputiz.
Arthur and John eat in the dining room. Tie and swimwear.
Then they both had a swim in the Gym swimmingpool.
Another call for John! What's going on here, is he getting a fan club?
Rasputiz is watching horror on TV, and got real scared. He needs a drink to calm down...
Agnes think they make the trash cans way too small!
Sonia on her way to bed, she is very tired, and tomorrow is her IN THE SPOT day (which she of course does not know)!
Quentin wants to know where Agnes did hide the toilet paper, but Agnes resists on telling him!
Oh no... Sonia has a full bladder, and can't sleep... what a bad situation just before having her full day report!
Argh, Sonia had a bladder accident on the floor, now she is extremely tired and dirty!
...and hungry? A Sim rather eats than shower and sleep.
Hey, Mr Alien, throw me an apple!
Ah, food - what would a Sim be without a fridge within reach?
Sonia and Quentin eating lunch in dining room.
Sonia slept bad ladt night, as she collapsed on the floor after the bladder accident. Now she needs to sleep in the middle of day!
In the mean time, Rasputiz and Rita play chess and Quentin reads in the library.
Sonia just woke up, and here she's cleaning the dining table. 
Having a pep talk with John in the kitchen.
Bragging to Quentin in the bath room downstairs. That's our girl!
Sonia's IN THE SPOT day is over, but she just got the hang of it, her she is insulting poor Quentin.
Later on Day29, Rasputiz and Arthur eating breakfast in the dining room, Sonia and Quentin arguing about Sonia's behavor last night.
Hey, Rasputiz, there are Sims in SimNation that I like less than you! Agnes is in a very generous mood today!
Hm, Rita wonders who did cry this much when talking on the phone?
Arthur waters a plant on the double bedroom balcony. It's a beautiful sunny day for a change.
Did John suddenly feel attracted to Rita because of her showing some skin? -Rita, that belly is quite pretty, but perhaps you should skip dinner tonight.
Oh no! There goes the music!
A guest visiting on Day29, John welcomes one of the Simpley sisters. Oh, she is wearing Agnes' outfit, did they frequent the same clothing shop?
Hey, what's going on? Sonia is intimately hugging John! Twice! 
This is serious, now Sonia asks John to dance, are they starting a romance?
Rasputiz is making plans for tomorrow, first the hot tub, then the hot tub, and perhaps even some hot tub?
Rasputiz, Agnes and Rita having a very early breakfast, or is that a late dinner?
The kitchen sink is broken, Quentin is not sure whether he is in the Gym swimming pool.
Exercising is good, Arthur playing basket ball alone in the atrium.
Quentin is still not sure whether he is in the swimming pool or in the messy kitchen!
Party! Rita runs off to greet some guests.
Hooray! John is carving the cake, while Arthur, Sonia, Agnes, Rasputiz and Rita applauds.
Agnes greeting guests in the atrium.
Also John comes to greet the visitors.
Rasputiz and Arthur eating cake in the library. - It tasts just like music, Rasputiz thinks. Arthur did not quite catch his point.
Sonia receives the flowers from a guest. She thinks they look terrible, but pretends being greatful.
Eating cake on the terrace, Arthur with guests - hey, Arthur, you just ate cake in the library! 
The Police hates it when Sims are partying. Here the police woman tells John to play chess instead, because it's less noisy.
They ignored the Police, and instead of breaking up they had some champaign in the hot tub.