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January 1st 2003:
20 career tracks included!

Make sure to have the following information by hand when starting the Job Planner:
  • How neat are you (0-10)
  • How outgoing are you (0-10)
  • How active are you (0-10)
  • How playful are you (0-10)
  • How nice are you (0-10)
  • Your cooking skills (0-10)
  • Your mechanical skills (0-10)
  • Your charisma skills (0-10)
  • Your body skills (0-10)
  • Your logical skills (0-10)
  • Your creative skills (0-10)
  • How many members of your household?
  • How many kids in your household?
  • How many family friends of your household?



    Job Planner
    April 21, 2002 - by Bertha Fairweld
    Updated January 1st, 2003 (now with 20 career tracks included)

    Choosing a wrong career track would mean spending hours on work not bringing happiness into your life. Use our new Job Planner to find what job would suit your personality and skills the best!

    Many of us accept the first or second job opportunity given, spend 33% of our time on a career that might bring in money to our household, but not adding to our happiness. Is this how you want to spend a third of the rest of your life? Stop! It's time to check with us!

    The Job Planner is checking your personality and skills against the 10 basic career tracks, and January 1st 2003 we also included LL tracks and UN tracks, now serving a total of 20 tracks. In addition you will get some all over job related suggestions in general. This is only the start of a service we hope you Sims will find useful, a offer that will be extended if requested.

    Before you activate the Job Planner, you should make sure to have the details on your personality and skills by hand, see the list in the left side column. To start the Job Planner, please click on the icon or link located just on top of that question list.

    The Job Planner is meant to consider your personality and skills for a total of 200 jobs. But as a start we decided to go online with a limited version that is still to a certain help for Sims not sure what career to choose.

    Our general suggestions will be based on that most Sims will be satisfied with a level 6 job, because higher levels demand so much more, especially if you want to build a good family life as well. If you are heading for level 10, some of the Job Planner's comments will not be accurate, but the all over comments will nevertheless be useful. 

    Job Planner does currently not include home businesses (painting (TS), making garden gnomes (LL), or making Preserves (HD).

    Remember to check with the Job Planner each time your skills have improved in a certain scale. Then your possibilities for the desired job might have changed as well! But our recommendations are based 50/50 on your personality and your skills, meaning that on more skill level will not change much.

    Feed back wanted
    This service was new April 2001, and with a lot of details included we can not guarantee all calculations to be 100% correct. If you get any suggestions that you find unreasonable, please let us know by contacting Simmerville Web.

    You can access the Job Planner from top of this page.