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Shadow End, SimCity
Zone: Industrial
City Tax: none
Child friendly: no
Parks & Services: poor
Pollution: high/dense

Located on SimCity's outskirts, hidden in the shadows of urbanity, this street is a low status address where only the poor sims reside. This is the place where the Police doesn't bother to check, where politicians don't aim any campaigns, and where nobody actually care to go. In other words, it's the location that the city forgot about!

Together with neighbouring Minduza Lane, this is the district's less popular area. Cheap, poor or simple design, noisy and polluted. This is where the poor sims live - some do fine, others struggle and depend on social welfare. The power plant squeezed in between Shadow End and Minduza Lane leaks small quanta of dangerous radioactive gas, and there entire Shadow End has a total building stop. Lately, SimCity Social Services and Collection Devision built a couple shabby sheds here, that poor households who can't afford anything else are given a chance to rent to a very small cost.

22 Shadow End

24 Shadow End

26 Shadow End

28 Shadow End