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Queen Street, SimCity
Zone: High Notch 
City Tax: high (§200/simday)
Child friendly: good
Parks & Services: good
Pollution: low

This street is very long and leads from westside Clutter Bvd to Lulu Lounge, but it goes even further east.

This is the district's better address, residential only. The houses are large and expensive, especially between the large City Park and Clutter Bvd. Also the exclusive shops and restaurants are top notch. The residents here pay the highest city tax of the entire district, and walking the street you will see why - exclusive design and pavements nicely decorated with potted plants, benches and even a statue here and there. Almost to good to be in the city!

3 Queen Street

34 Queen Street

35 Queen Street

36 Queen Street

37 Queen Street

38 Queen Street

43 Queen Street