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Minduza Lane, SimCity
Zone: Industrial

City Tax: none
Child friendly: no
Parks & Services: poor
Pollution: high/dense

The Minduza Lane leads from west side Clutter Boulevard to the P.U.R.E. club on eastside. 

Together with neighbouring Shadow End, this is the district's less popular area. Cheap, poor or simple design, noisy and polluted. This is where the poor sims live - some do fine, others struggle and depend on social welfare.

The power plant squeezed in between Shadow End and Minduza Lane leaks small quanta of dangerous radioactive gas, and at no 31-37 there is currently a total building stop. Further east we find larger industrial builds, a couple cemeteries and SimCity Business School at no 22.

22 Minduza Lane

31 Minduza Lane

33 Minduza Lane

35 Minduza Lane

37 Minduza Lane