Hello, there!

My name is Johanna, and I'm quite a whirl in the kitchen. Nothing can beat good ol' home made food, except my heart eagerly beating for the traditional Sim kitchen.

Besides running my own restaurant here at home in Simmerville together with my husband Steve, I plan to take on work occasionally within the Culinary career.

You can contact me by clicking here.


Sim cooking

All articles linked from this page are related to food or kitchen stuff.

I'm also contributing to Simmerville's STUFF section. Click here to go directly to my offers. 

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S i m C i t y F O O D E X P O 2 0 0 3



August 31: Food Expo 2003 is closing. Next week there will be an article on some of the many local events. Send in your 1-2 photos and brief report.

August 13: 1 more lecture related to "Food on the table".

August 8: 5 lectures related to "Food on the table". Many links to sites with free meals and more.

July 31: 1 more lecture related to "Food in the kitchen". Learn about accessories in your kitchen. Thank you, Isabelle Ashfield.

July 3: 3 lectures related to "Food in the kitchen". Many links to sites with free kitchen related items.

June 4: Many links to where you can find "food in the garden" related objects.

May 31: 12 carnival outfits for kids are available here.

May 29: Questions about co-hosting? Check here

May 25: Modified version of Mervil Market (community lot #61) is available here.

May 21: Market booth and Food Expo lamp available at SimSit's section. New smaller poster available at Art for Art's Sake.

We need neighbourhoods to co-host the Food Expo. Contact me for details!

Anyone can contribute with carnival costumes (see June), items (food, appliances, decor etc) for display and judging at the Food Expo markets, links to theme related articles or downloads, or you can even write a brief theme related lecture that can be given by locals at the co-hosting markets. Lectures and links can be submitted until the 15th, while items and costumes must be submitted before the 1st. All contributions will be available from this page during the first week of each month.

Each month the co-hosts will be choosing the best participating item/object. 1st prize is 500 Simoleons plus exposure at Simmerville's STUFF section. It doesn't need to be an item exclusively created for this Food Expo, and it's ok even if it is already available from other web sites. By sending in an object you state that the object was created by yourself or that you have been given permission to send in others' work. Objects can be submitted here.

June 1-6: Grand Opening! Each co-hosting neighbourhood must put together their own program for the opening. Ideas: an opening speech by the local spokesperson, a lecture by a food loving local resident, and why not use this oportunity to start a local food-lovers' club or farming society?

June: Food in the garden:
Focus on: Food related plants and animals, farming accessories and environment, farmer's outfit, pantries, etc.

All June: Kids' Carnival, dress up as a vegetable or fruit! Some costumes are available here, submit more costumes here before June 10th. Unless you attach a mesh, you must state which Exp. is needed. Kids only! Local contests and prizes. Send in your pictures/reports to us!

June5: deadline submitting items related to growing food.
June15: deadline submitting lectures and links related to growing food.
June20-30: Judging by co-hosting hoods
July5-10: June Winners announced

(deadline for submitting is postponed to June 5th)
First; 2 objects that were registered for the Expo. Make sure to give them a great display:

A *** Orange Tree (TS)
By Ines Sim bakery
Choose "Downloads" from the menu, then you will find at set of objects including the orange tree.

B *** Scarecrow (TS)
By Dincer Hepguler
Choose "Objects", then "Decoratives"

These two are in the contest, but we will need at least one more item to sign up in order to pick a winner. Co-hosts will get notified later on. 1st prize is 500 Simoleons.

Garden Costumes: here

Garden Lectures:
Growing vegetables - getting started
Greymount Gardening Association

Garden Links:
Other great sites for items that go well with the "Food in the garden" theme:
Under Misc Objects: Mabel the chicken (gives eggs that can be cooked or they can hatch and chicks are born)
Persimmon Grove
Choose "Outdoor", "Backyard"+"Another Backyard"
Loads of great items, including extras for chicken farm, vegetable labels and more.
Choose "Object sets", then choose room = Outdoor.
Look for Terracotta Pots, various Tray of Pots and more.
Ines Sim Bakery
Choose "Downloads", look for Banana Tree (TS) and Strawberry Shrub (TS)
Choose Downloads page; then click "Lphnts Garden", then look for the link "Download hillside plants.
Zip includes Cherry tree, pine tree, blueberry, gooseberry, and blackberry bushes. Sims will pick berries to eat. (TS)
Under "Garden": Watercans, brooms etc
Under "Plants": Various plants (note, some reproduce and will give you a profit)
Watering can
Choose "Objects", "Outdoors"- page 4

July: Food in the kitchen:
Categories: "Blenders", "Hot drinks", "Recipe posters", "Misc".

June25: deadline submitting items related to cooking/kitchen.
July15: deadline submitting lectures and links related to cooking/kitchen.
July20-30: Judging by co-hosting hoods
August5-10: July Winners announced

Kitchen Lectures:
"Accessories", by Isabelle Ashfield, founder of the Sim Parade Cooking Club
"Let's get cooking!", by Isabelle Ashfield, founder of the Sim Parade Cooking Club
"Navigating a kitchen", by Johanna Grumblin
"Using a blender or not?", by Johanna Grumblin
"The Best Food Fulfillment Combination", by Gina Deere, scientist-Sim Laboratories
"Space Planning for the Kitchen", by Prisilla Lake, interior designer
"Kitchen Makeover Results", by Prisilla Lake, interior designer

Kitchen Links:
Other great sites for items that go well with the "Food in the kitchen" theme:
Sim Freaks
Click "free", look for Old Fridge and Apple Basket (blender), both in the 2nd set.
Ines Sim Bakery
Choose "Downloads", look for Orange Canning Station (HD) and more.
Roman Sims
Choose furniture, scroll down. You will find a "Roman Caupona" including a marmor counter and a "Mortar and Pestle" (blender)
The Sims ID
Look for the Kozy Kitchen Set, linked from top-right main page.
Secret Sims
Choose the kitchen link to the right side, then you will find a number of kitchen sets (make sure to check out both pages). In the HotDate section you find curtains that might go well with your kitchen interior.
Choose "Object sets", then choose room = Miscellaneous.
Look for Fruit Print and Vegetables Print. Quite nice on a kitchen wall, don't you think?
Wood Sims
Choose downloads, then click kitchen. some nice rustic objects.
Choose "Survive", many nice kitchen sets including several canning stations.
Choose "Objects", "Kitchen"- page. Many very nice kitchen interiors.
Choose STUFF, then Food section and look for Green Apple Canning Station with accessories.

August: Food on the table:
Categories: "A romantic meal", "Kidz food", "Party group meal", "Misc".

July25: deadline submitting items related to meals/dining.
August15: deadline submitting lectures and links related to meals/dining.
August20-30: Judging by co-hosting hoods
September5-10: August Winners announced

Table Lectures:
Feeding guests, by Penelope Burgess - added Aug 13th
Fresh or stored?, by Isabelle Ashfield
Cleaning the dining table, by Johanna Grumblin
Serving a group meal, by Johanna Grumblin
"Where Does My Fork Go? Dining Etiquette for Sims", by Dorian Wallace
"Dinner and a Movie: The Concept of Food & Dating", by Jack Daniels

Table Links:
Sites for items that go well with the "Food on the table" theme:
NOTE: More links/items are welcome, share your favourite!
Here you find familiar food in the categories Bakery, Deli, Frozen and Miscellaneous.
Sultry Earth
Click WINTER, then objects, then food.
You will find even more food linked from this thread in their bbs (Groovy Sims Food). Note that some of them are listed both places, do avoid duplicates.
Coffee, fruite and candy
Ines Sim Bakery
Choose "Downloads", lots of nice cakes and more.
Several nice meals. This site can be hard to access due to heavy traffic.
Made for Sims
A nice carrot cake and more (FilePlanet/GameSpyID required)
Nightcrawler's Food (SimSanity)
18 various meals
Sim Warehouse
19 various meals
3 meals
18 asian meals (requires Unleashed or later)
Sim Freaks
1 meal. Look under Freebies for "Corn on the Cob"
Choose STUFF, then Food section. Brand new: 3 baking sets.

*Sunnydale, contact Billy Swindells
*El Prado, contact Aggie McCoy
*Greymount, contact Starr Grey
*Simston Estates, contact Claire Smith
*Lake Town, contact Gloria Jones
*Arcadia, contact Michelle Penwyllt

Mailing list:
Click here if you want to be notified by e-mail when this Food Expo section is updated. Spokespersons of SUN participating neighbourhoods will get some reminders without signing up here.

Our goal is to bring out knowledge and inspiration to all sims, because food can be so much fun, and a meal is so much more than a meal! We hope that the Food Expo 2003 wil result in many exciting new meals and accessories! Please help us to spread the word:

  • Place the linked button below on your website
  • Place the Food Expo Poster downtown and in your neighbourhood for all your neighbours to see! A smaller poster available here.
  • Inform others by posting the link or info on related boards and chat forums.