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Do you grow vegetables?
What are your experiences, and do you have any hot tips for others who wants to grow their own food? Please post here.
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Aug 23 2003, Marabelle, ...
I love growing my own veggies - they taste so much better and there's that sense of satisfaction! It also gives my girls a nice hobby, they love helping me in the garden! Little Carmel is 6, she adores the tomato sauce that we make for pasta! Lily prefers having some nice fresh beans in her lunchbox! I'm a housewife, it gives me something to do during the day!
Jul 03 2003, Sultana Carson, ...
Hi, my name is Sultana Carson and I grow my own fresh vegetables. My kids have so many friends that come by for dinner or lunch or just when their hungry. My husband's and my friends stop by sometimes. Everyone says they never tasted vegetables so fine in their life. One thing that bothers me though is that it takes forever to grow. I was wondering if I should use one of those quick growing stuff. Oh and by the way Johanna I am a big fan of yours!!!!!! You inspired me to become a cook.
Jun 15 2003, Bersaba, Crumplebottomdrive 5
I'm very fond of growing tomatoes and beans and I liked your article. I just
want to comment on one thing: not weeding your garden before harvesting will
cause your harvest to be smaller. You can best weed before harvesting for a
bigger harvest.
Jun 9 2003, Ashley Lithoe, Sim Parade
I don't garden much but I find growing vegies great! They are really cheap and the whole family can enjoy them! I also love to grow vegies because it can get the kids outside, when they usually stay inside and watch TV.
Jun 9 2003, FeDeX666, ...
Jun 9 2003, Dana, ...
I am a professional grower! If you want the best veggies, come over to Poisoned Food Market located on 56 Led Poison Street. My tomatoes are the well secret to making great spagetti sauce!
Jun 6 2003, Ansgar Teft, Simmerville
I am in charge of the produce at the Mervil farm, we produce 12 plots continuously. It is smart to share the work, like having one household member being responsible to do all the watering, another to do weeding and one to harvest.
Growing vegetables - getting started
June 6, 2003 - by Mrs Johanna Grumblin

I am a newbie myself when it comes to growing my own vegetables, so I thought my simple experience might be of interest to those who are about to get started. A simple step by step guide!

This is my lecture for the SimCity Food Expo 2003, for the June theme "Food in the garden". So I will try making it as brief as possible. If you have no access to Old Town, this lecture might be of less interest to you.

1. Find a plot of land
The location is more important than you might think. Remember that you will walk back and forth several times every day. It should not be too far away from your house, just outside the kitchen would be fine. Another location would be between your house and the mailbox. You better start off with just a little ground, you can expand later on.

2. Buy some soil
You need to buy the "Insta-Plot Victory Garden" plots each §125, it's the only way to put the seeds into the ground. You can buy it from the gardening catalogue. I've heard that you should not expect to grow more than 4 plots of ground per sim. Each plot will take a couple hours hard work per day. Start with few, eventually more plots can be added later on.

3. Buy a pantry
A pantry is used for storing your vegetables after you harvest them. It is like a refrigerator. If you go on growing your own food you will no longer need your old refrigerator. If you plan to sell all your crops you will not need a pantry.

4. Buy some seeds
The seeds can be bought in Old Town, only. It is smart to buy several packets with seeds because they are cheap and you will keep them in your inventory until you need them, anyway.

5. Put those seeds into the ground
Remember to water twice per plot. You should know that tomatoes and beans might cause some less work because you will not need to replant them as often as carrots and lettuce. Various vegetables pays off differently, you must figure by yourself what you want to grow.

6. Weed & water
You should weed as much as possible, if you ignore this totally, the plants might die. It's smart to weed before you water. It is possible to harvest without weeding first. 

7. Harvest
The seeds might need more than a day to grow. Remember to check at least twice a day if they need water. They will need 2-3 days until you can harvest. You will know by instinct when it's due.

Remember that if you harvest a lot you will need to sell all of it or store all of it, the amount in your inventory can not be split. Therefore it's smart to harvest and store a few vegetables before you harvest the rest.

8. Sell the crops
Vegetables can be sold to Farmer Bob in specific locations in Old Town, or you can store them in your pantry. 

9. Pests
Even if you water and weed properly, your work can be ruined by pests. The best way to keep pests out of your way is to make a cat hunt them.