Welcome to my office!
My name is Bel S. Frocks, I'm Simmerville's new webmaster. I really look forward to exciting content and although I have many new ideas, my intention will be to clean up a bit to make the existing services and webtools easier to find. I also plan to use other writers a lot more, including guestwriters living outside Simmerville. I do hope to see Simmerville web serving as a meeting point even in the future.
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Freelance writers
Each section of the site has now up to 2 freelance writers. Contact them with ideas and requests, or sign up with me for any available freelance job. Freelance writers must produce 1 article every 2 months, and can add §1000 to their account every Friday.
FAMILY / Family life:
Hurla L. Stello, Simmerville
Writes about babies, kids, food, hobbies, work, toys, etc.
FAMILY / Home & Garden:
Writes about house, interior, plants, seasonal, pets, etc.
FORTUNE / Finances & Business:
Jebb Swims, Simmerville
Writes about investments, heritage, OFB-related, etc.
FORTUNE / Shopping:
Writes about trends, finds, etc.
Candie L. Fresco, SimCity
Writes about weddings, chemistry, romantic relations, etc.
Writes about weddings, chemistry, romantic relations, etc.
Glorietta W. Bluzz, SimCity
Writes about showbiz, entertainment, fashion, beauty, etc.
POPULARITY / Activities:
Writes about travel, nightlife, sports, games, gulture, etc.
KNOWLEDGE / Science:
Charlow H. Swims, Simmerville
Writes about environment, medicine, education, etc.
Lucas Stew-Fraisser, SimCity
Writes about aliens, creatures, paranormal, etc.
SUN / Community:
Writes about SUN related, events, hood profiles, etc.
SUN / Politics:
Orlando Nuidya, Tanwa Nuidya
Writes about laws, military, court, crime, etc.

If you look for TS1 stuff...
The entire old TS1 site is back up! It can be entered from the STUFF section where you find 500+ TS1 downloads. Click the left side menu to find the other sections.
You will also find all those sections linked from our Library.
Up Next On Simmerville Web:
Here are my notes on some stuff currently in the works:

SUN boards
* The SUN boards are to be reorganized!

Right Now: Simday 96
* First episode of the new Right Now concept will launch soon. See what Margaretha, Baron, Cheri and Freynold are up to every simday!

SimCity planning
* The parts of the city that is nearest Simmerville, is split into zones and various purposes. Learn about the progress, and download several nice townflats to build a urban environment.

School: What kind of education?
* Depending on your plans for life, you can choose different kinds of education. This is a guide to finding what is best for you.
Suggestions Box
We'd like to know what you want us to write about!

Below you can click on a keyword to send in a question, to suggest an article, or even to post your general concerns. All contributions will be used, but in different ways. Some will be posted and answered in future Q/A articles, some will be redirected to experts who will write an full article based on your suggestion.

General website conserns: simmervilleweb@hotmail.com

Experts are basically Simmerville's Advisors, but also experts like the Home Sweet Home panel, and other guestwriters of the past and future. 

You can also contact me for details on how you can write a complete article for Simmerville web.

Webmasters of the past:

Garmund Brybrey (simday 65-91)
Simmerville's 3rd webmaster focused a lot on Pets, and also helped building up the Pet Club's catalog.
Read his introduction here. (October 1, 2006)

Emilda Glitz (simday 32-64)
Simmerville 2nd webmaster had a tough job replacing a legend, but feedback proves she did well. At this time a large number of other hoods introduced growing hood sites, often with a bigger focus on celebrities than Simmerville ever had, despites Mrs Glitz actually being a Broadway Star. She wanted to run a less cool site, with more family oriented content.
Read her introduction here. (July 21, 2005)

Bimbi O'Brian (TS1-simday 31)
Simmerville web's cool websimtress ever since the TS1 days when her work was awarded with The Golden Star Award for Best Community Site that was given to Simmerville (Simborough, March 2004). The current version of the site was redesigned by her and another Golden Star award was achieved April 2005. "Bimbo NL" became one of Simmerville's most popular Sims ever, even decorated Dame by the King of Simborough.
Read her TS2 welcome note here. (September 10, 2004)