Many Sims are contributing to our site, both Simmervillians and guest writers who lives far away from Simmerville. Please take the time to find the right contact before you get in touch.

If you come across outdated contact information we'd appreciate to hear from you (Website feedback, see below).

Simmerville Hood Council
For concerns including local hood management, please contact our Spokes Sim who will consult the appropriate local advisor if needed. Read more about Simmerville's Hood Council in the HOOD section.

Current Spokes Sim: Mr. Stephan Gobelin

Website feedback, general suggestions or questions, affiliation
Webmaster: Garmund Brybrey

Contacting Sims living in Simmerville
You can reach nearly all Simmerville residents that are teens or older. When you want to contact a specific Sim, please contact the Simmerville Post Office. Include the Sim's name in the subject and the email will be forwarded directly. If there is no name in the subject line, the Post Office will need to read the email to find the right recipient.

Article writers, both locals and guest writers, can normally be contacted from a link provided in their article. 
Our many guest writers will soon be listed in a separate page, but for now you must find their article.

When contacting someone by clicking on a link in their article, a code will normally be automatically added to the subject field of your mail. Please do not delete or adjust the code, but feel free to add your own subject after it. The code will help the recipient to determine what article you visited when sending your mail.

Concerning articles more than 1 year old you should rather contact the webmaster (se above).If possible and needed, your concern will be forwarded to the author of the article.

Groups, businesses, services
Groups, businesses, services etc. that are contributing to Simmerville web will normally have their own page to be found in either the SHOPPING section. Look them up in the Yellow Pages. Groups, businesses and services can be reached through the Post Office, too.

Advertising on Simmerville web
We offer banner advertising both to humans and to "from Sims to Sims" sites. Please contact Webmaster for details.

Anything concerning management such as rules, events, SUN Core matters etc. can be directed to the SUN registry manager. Note that an easier way to reach the current SUN leader or core group would be to post on the SUN boards.

Simmerville no longer accept general donations.