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A word from the Manager:

Cleopatra R. Stello
- Welcome to Simmerville Studio! My job is to make sure that films, TV shows and commercials are produced for your local broadcaster. Simmerville Studio already signed several productions, and I can't wait to take it a few steps further! Contact
News from Simmerville Studio:

Check out 7 New Simmer Lane for info on location and staff.

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Studio Shop
The shop offers photo art, fan posters and art decorations. As soon as we reach business rank 5 the shop will turn into a gallery. Its name will remain, as you can still buy some artwork, but you must then contact me with instructions.

Added on simday 73: 
Have your portrait taken!
Contact the manager to have your portrait taken in the studio. You can choose among several backgrounds. The framed photo will be given to you immediately, and so will the §500 bill.

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In the works:

Airing: Right Now 95
[Jul 12] The first episode of our new Right Now series is ready! Read about the new concept here! Every simday there is a selection of takes from 4 Simmerville households - Watch simday 95! (not for TV).

Watch previous episodes (old format):
94 | 93 | 92 | 91 | 90 | 89 | 88 | 87 | 86 | 85 | 84.

Airing: One Happy World
[Feb 18] The 6min recording from this year's One Happy World charity show has premiered! Watch the big version (10mb!) here, or download a shorter version for local TV broadcasting right here!
Airing: the Soap Show
[Dec 07] Finally, the Soap Box show is ready for yout TV. Based on the interview, Mrs. Appleton is guesting the first show. You can download a small version (964k) for the local TV, or watch the big screen version (5MB) right here.
Airing: Watch Them Eat
[Aug 30] 7 nice and short episodes of the science project "Watch Them Eat". They can all be broadcasted on your local TV, how about the yummy channel? Download
Airing: WTG Travels TV special
[Aug 23] We proudly present the TV special "Explore Foreign Cultures" sponsored by WayToGo Travels (WTG Travels). And wait - there are 3 travel commercials, too! They can all be broadcasted on your local TV. Download
Airing: Compulsion Commercial
[Aug 10] Actress Judy Ballong is this year's face of popular perfume Compulsion by Melvin Stein. This is a brand new commercial was shot long ago and that finally can be broadcasted to your TV. Download
Airing: KiDz FaRm
[May 20] Kids do care about farming, gardening and environment! In our new series "KiDz FaRm" a few local kids will inspire kids all over Sim Nation to start a greener life! First out is 12 simdays old Bambi Ballong who's late grandmother was the legendary Bimbo NL. Latest addition is Denniz Moulino. Download
Home Sweet Home #5 Aires
[Mar 20] Lady of the homes, Germine Briggon, closes the popular Home Sweet Home series with a tour of the haunted MacAstral house. For the first time the hostess visits the location, and this time it nearly went wrong... This episode is available for your TV below, or you can watch the full version here.
Carnival show for kids
[Feb 25] This production is intended for kids TV channel. Come with Hannah & Nancy to the new Carnival lot and see what they are up to! Starring Hannah & Nancy Wolmipot, Stewart K. Mazaloom and Emilda Glitz. Find it in the downloads section below.
Seasons TV Commercials
[Feb 25] This pack contains 4 sweet TV commercials. Each clip promotes one season and lasts 19 seconds. Grab your set here!
Download misc TV clips here
One Happy World: Charity show, hosted by Jadira Glitz Entertainment, Dance 1:59 1292k Download
Soap Box TV-show: Live audience, hosted by April Briggon News, Entertainment 1:32 964k Download
Watch Them Eat!: 7 short episodes Food 0:24 1615k Download
WayToGo Travels commercials: 3 short clips Commercials 0:28 783k Download
Explore Foreign Cultures: Documentary by WTG Travels News 1:17 793k Download
Commercial: Compulsion feat. Judy Ballong Commercials 0:29 390k Download
KiDz FaRm #2: Apples and composting Ft. Denniz Moulino (9) Children 0:50 597k Download
KiDz FaRm #1: Grow tomatoes! Ft. Bambi Ballong (12) Children 0:56 606k Download
Seasons commercials. 4 clips promoting 1 season each (non-Maxis) Commercials 0:19 155k Download
Carnival: Come - there is a new carnival in town! Children 1:38 1369k Download
Star Report: Miss Simmerville engaged (Right Now 60) News, Dance 1:02 488k Download
Christmas mood triggers. 4 clips trigging seasonal mood in any home! Commercials, Children 0:13 453k Download
Home Sweet home #5: The MacAstral residence (short version) News 2:01 1424k Download
Home Sweet home #4: The Shalloe residence (short version) News 1:21 858k Download
Home Sweet home #3: The Frocks residence (short version) tba
Home Sweet home #2: The Moulino residence (short version) tba
Home Sweet home #1: The Swims residence (short version) tba

Compression & Feedback
Note that the clips on offer are extremely compressed in order to look good on your TV. Enjoying the clips here and now is not a good idea, they will look better on your TV. Because this is a first for us, technically, we are eager to have some feedback on how the clips work on your local TV. Please watch them from 3 different households before you react, we noticed there is some variation from TV to TV. Contact us here.

Channels & instructions
Note that when you add these clips to the desired channel, the Maxis made content for that channel will be deactivated (will be reactivated when you remove all cc clips from that channel's folder). 
You can store clips that are not airing at the moment in the folder named Movies>Broadcast and if you like to air i.e. the clip called "Carnival" just move that file into the folder Movies>Broadcast>Children 
It is recommended to have minimum 3 cc clips in a folder. If you have just one it will be running repeatedly only interrupted by commercials.
Commercials will be shown on most channels except Kids Channel.