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7 New Simmer Lane: Simmerville Studio

TV productions - Portraits - Studio Shop - Studio Bar

Opening hours: Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun 3PM-11PM.
Entrance fee: none
Download our productions here!

* Have your personal portrait taken in our studio! Make an appointment with us and we will invite you over to have a photo taken and framed. You can choose among many backgrounds, and we can even add minor adjustments for no additional costs. A framed photo taken by our manager costs §500 and will be given to you right after the session.
* Shop art and gifts in our Studio Shop! Selling photos by our hired artists, as well as art from the catalog.
* Hang out in Studio Bar! You might see some of the stars who work with us! Note the wall art showing Simmerville's top 5 sims! In Summer the Studio Bar will offer outdoor seating.

Simday 72, Age of Pets: Simmerville Studio opened. Sylvia Gobelin was hired to get the business started.

Please see Simmerville Stock Exchange for financial news, and our Studio webpage for our productions.

Recent Owners
1. (72-): Simmerville Hood, Simmerville top shareholder (70%)