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Search instructions:
This is a quick 8 steps search which can be expanded with 5 more steps if you like to include personality traits. You will pick your preferred search criterias by typing a number - normally from 1 to 3.

If you search for breed name (ie terrier) you can just go through the remaining 7 questions by pressing Enter.

If you type 0 (zero) or press Enter without typing anything at all, that question will not affect the search result.

Sometime you can pick a neutral value, but at the time it will have the same effect as typing 0.

The general rule is that the more details you pick, the fewer matches you get. If the search leaves no results at all, you might like to adjust your search by picking less details. Entering 2-4 values will normally result just a handful matches, or less.

If you enter no values at all, the result will show all breeds that are currently registered.

The search result is not sorted in any way. This may change in the future, but no promise... :-D 

Simmerville Pet Club's Breeds Catalogue


Disclaimer: Pictures are taken from TheSims2 CAP and catalogue descriptions are based on information found at Next Day Pets, The Cat Fanciers' Association and the Pet Trainer newsletter.