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The Simmish Prophecy
December 18, 2003, by Bimbo NL

Operation Space ongoing right now!
January 5, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

Some of our finest men are currently occupied with a top secret military operation; Operation Space. It made me curious, and I think you will be interested to know what I found!

Talk about bad planning! They all missed the community festivities last weekend, when Simmerville hold a huge New Years Party, including introduction of the new Mazaloom Historical Society and a celebration of Simmerville web turning 2 years. But these 7 men and 1 woman missed it all due to a secret operation taking place in the woods. They are staying there for one week training, then nobody knows exactly what will happen. Thanx to my heroic manoeuvres, you will now get to know what the Hood Council tries to keep secret!

[takes a deep breath; do I dare to publish this? Will I get fired?]

Operation Space

They operate in two teams, and all stay in a small lodge. Team leaders are Mr Brion Mervil and Mr Brad Rose, both doing a military career since years. Volunteering sims that I was able to recognize were Crawl Swims, Andrew Beartop, Victor L., Bendic, Carl Lobos, Gloria Rose and Pale Light. There might be even more.

I witnessed them training long distance running, tree climbing and terrain driving. They looked rather scared, but I got the impression they will do fine under the command of Mr Mervil and Mr Rose. We got to trust they know what they are doing! And it looks like Ms MacAstral will be right; this Winter everyone will be talking about aliens, not only the kids!

I managed to trace the training centre in the forest, and on the left you will see a few photos I took with a flying spy camera.

[I wouldn't recommend the spy cam as it broke when it eventually fell down to ground]

The Prophecy, not as newly discovered as you might think
Just before Christmas, Ms MacAstral hold a press conference about the Simmish Prophecy. Well, what we didn't know back then was that Sims Science had known about the prophecy for a full year already! I do not know if they agree with Ms MacAstral's conclusions, but whatever, I've found the prophecy is actually the reason for Operation Space! These 8 of our beloved simmervillians are probably facing a war against aliens!

The military operation itself is still top secret, and even if I knew a lot I would not like to publicize details because aliens might be reading this article this very moment! And I wouldn't want "She spoiled our fight against the aliens" written on my grave stone.

I have not managed to make the scientists talk, but I think this is too important to keep a secret. If scientists have known for a year that we are to be attacked by aliens without warning us, then I think we shall sue them!

[If those aliens abduct my espresso machine only once I will of course sue them, too!]

That meteor was a space ship!
Last year there were regional hysteria as a meteor crashed in the simmervillian forest. It landed 6 AM in the morning, causing a lot of strange things to happen. If you put your heads together you might think like I did - that meteor was no meteor but an UFO - or a space ship - just like the Prophecy predicted. Aliens are already visiting to steal our dimension. Whatever that means it sure doesn't sound promising!

According to the prophecy, sims will be reduced to a flat existence after the aliens have fought us. I do not know if the prophecy actually say anything about how this battle will end.