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An introduction:
Meet the fifth Simmerville Hood Council member:
Angela Gobelin (31), 62 Old Farm Circle (zone A)
Pet Owners' Representative
I am thrilled! This is a gorgeius oportunity to attract more attention towards our furry friends. I will focus more on how great friends they are, especially to single sims and households with children. I will also do my best to add more pet friendly locations in Old Town.

*) The election of the Pet Owners' representative was postponed to July because nobody qualified back in April.
Pet owners' representative chosen
August 2, 2003 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

April 21st the new Simmerville Hood Council was chosen, but nobody qualified for the pet owners' representative. Today the fifth member was chosen!

April 21st the current Simmerville Hood Council was chosen, but out of the five council members the pet owners' representative could not be found because nobody qualified at the time. This was postponed to July. You can read the April article here.

Today there are a total of 13 pets in Simmerville which is only 3 more than back in April. Only 11 households has one or more pets. 6 of the pets live in Simmerville South (zone A). Back in April the pet owners' representative ought to be found in zone C (Simmerville West) but today the highest number of pets is found in zone A.

The requirements for being elected is:
1. Political knowledge at level 8, 9 or 10. 1 vote per level. 

2. A total of 5 or more skill points. 1 vote per skill level.  
3. At least 2 friends outside the household. 1 vote per friend. 
4. A candidate must have at least 15 votes
5. The pet owners' representative must have a relation to a dog or cat of 50 or higher.

This time only 2 residents did qualify, and the better qualified is Angela Gobelin, who got only 17 votes but has a relation to one of the household's two cats of 99. You can read more about Angela Gobelin here.

Back in April each zone got one Hood Council member each, and zone B got a parents representative. This means that zones A and B now are represented by 2 sims in the Hood Council, while zone C has got only one member in the Hood Council. The Spokes sim is still Julia Valentino.