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SimLOOK: Winning predictions
March 17, 2003 - by Claire Brybrey, Sims Science

1 year ago 21 Sims (and some Humans?) sent in their predictions to the SimLOOK project. Hown many testSims would survive, who would make friends, and other questions that were quite difficult. Now there is a winner!

The winner is Bitchy la Beth Hanssen of Simmerville who managed 18 points out of 28 possible! Congratulations! You will get a t-shirt, and also an invitation to join the upcoming SimLOOK2!

Almost as successful as Mrs Hanssen were Cassie Moulino, Tiki and MeganLass. All made 14 points and should contact webmaster Bimbo NL with your size and skin tone to receive your much deserved t-shirt (skin)

You can read all the predictions here. You can read about the project including massive reports and photo albums here.