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To read about the Simmish Prophecy and the military operation that probably delayed the great changes to our existence, please check out Simmerville's section FUTURE.

This is how scientists expect a
nursery to look like in the future!
Children of your hood
Check how recently born children resemble their parents when it comes to personality. Do you find any different pattern if you compare with children born long ago? Please help us all to understand by posting your conclusion here.
Please post here.
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July 18 2004, Kelsey Smith, Classic Estates
I recently had a little girl and she had quite the same personality as me, though she is a tad more serious. Our neighbor had a child who was totally unlike them, and had no personality at all!
July 17 2004, Tish, Lake Park
All 4 of my children's personalities are very similar to mine. It's only off by say 1 or 2 points the most. My children were born before we had access to Magic Town. As far back as I can remember all the children in our region has a mixture of personality point from their parents.
July 17 2004, Claire Brybrey, Otherville
Here at Otherville it seems like children's personality became more similar to their parents after we got access to Magic Town (or Old Town). It's hard to tell because we got access to both at the same time.

Children's personality inherited
July 17, 2004 - by Ursull S. Swims

There is so much talk about how DNA will secure a Sim's physical traits to be passed on to the children, but did you know that your child might already inherit your personality? Scientists report recent changes!

Since as long as any living Sim can remember, a sim baby have basically inherited its skin colour from its parents. That's all. Looks were not really resembling its parents, Eye colour, hair colour, nose size, skin shape etc. were more or less random. We didn't really questioning why it was like that, most of us would not know that before those Aliens stole our dimension (ref Simmish Prophecy), a Sim's physiques was passed on to his or her children.

A random personality
But how about personality? Would two very nice sims have only nice children? Or how about two very active sims, or two very shy sims? In our recent past there was no specific indication to any obvious heritage when it comes to a baby's personality. After those Aliens changed our existence, new sims got their own random personality, a blessing to some while others easy going sims might have wished their children to become like them.

When I started my baby research some years ago, Simmerville was a very small hood with only 10 families and no organized transport connecting us to any specific locations near by. Back then I gathered detailed reports about each child that was born in the hood. I found that there was no significant connection between a child's personality and its parents. Well, most children could of course have a few traits similar to one of its parents, but the random order was just as common. 

A recent change!
Scientists have always done research on our genes, DNA and similarity between children and parents. There was registered enough cases to see that recently there was another change! We do not know for sure when this happened, but most likely it's a change that can be connected with either Old Town or Magic Town expansions.

Because of this I did a few new analysis on a couple children that were born in Simmerville lately and after Magic Town became so popular. And what I found was very interesting and pleasing: A child's personality traits are once again inherited from its parents!

To simplify things, let's say that each Sim's personality trait is set on a scale from 0 to 10. If mother is active=4 and father is active=7 then their child will be active 4, 5, 6 or 7.  If mother is nice=8 and father is nice=10 their children will all be nice 8, 9 or 10.

The only exception is how playful the child is, because in most cases a child will be more playful than its parents.

We don't know what caused this to happen or when it happened. One thing is for sure, and that is that these changes do confirm parts of the Simmish Prophecy. Some scientists think that the Aliens managed to return a little slice of our future before they were cut off by the military operation earlier this year.

Whomever might be correct, most scientists expects the great changes to take place very soon!