Hi! I'm Ursull, and I'm the proud mother of 4 healthy kids. I never lost any kid to Social Services, neither did I quit my job to raise any of them. I'm both working as a nurse, and doing baby researches from my office at home! Children is my main field, my own in particular.
The new baby column is coming up very soon! I and 2 other baby experts will comment on questions concerning babies and children. Sims all over the nation are welcome to send in questions, and occasionally the three of us will gather to discuss your questions. I hope this can take place monthly, but we'll see about that.

Send in your question here. Only qestions from sims and sent via this link will be concidered.

Here is the panel of experts:

Ursull S. Swims
- general
(42 yo, Simmerville), mother of 4, baby expert working at the SimCity Children Hospital since many years.

Ariosto Monopólio
- medicine & health
(34 yo, Simvale), he works as a Medical Researcher with babies as main field since 4 years.

Paula Nicole Halliwell
- family & home
(24 yo, LTZville), mother of 4, works as a pediatric surgeon in LTZVille's Hospital. She is experienced in situations that most of the parents aren't.

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