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Recreate a Simmervillian
This project's main page.

Recreate a Simmervillian (1 of 5)
June 10, 2004 - by Claire Brybrey

This Summer you are welcome to recreate 5 Simmervillians - one at the time. Based on interview, private photos and the sim's thoughts about our future, your local Body Shop clinic can now recreate Johanna Grumblin!

Here is Johanna Grumblin, ready for recreation by your local Body Shop clinic! Please check this project's main page for details, deadlines, rules and links to the other 4 Simmervillians.


1. Johanna Grumblin (66)
Winner of the first group was Johanna Grumblin. Due to her tireless work on the food subject she is one of the few Simmervillians that are well known outside Simmerville. Mrs Grumblin just turned 66 years old (Yes - in Simmerville sims have already started aging, slowly...)

Johanna (Farmer) Grumblin was born at 53 Simmerville, her parents were Joachim Farmer and Patrica Eccot. Father was 4th generation cabbage farmer on this farm, while mother was doing pretty well in the entertainment business. Johanna has a 4 years younger brother, Bertil Farmer, now residing 2 Sunville (Cave County). When Johanna's father died 19 years ago the old family home was sold.

Mrs Grumblin: I do sometimes think to myself; Johanna, why didn't you stay at 53 Simmerville to grow cabbage? Cabbage is great food, and cabbage has a long tradition here in Simmerville.

33 years old Johanna married the 3 years older Steve Grumblin. He was heir to 1 Simmerville, where they still live. Steve was sailor for about 10 years, while Johanna worked with politics. She then quit her job in order to dedicate more time to her number one interest, the Simmish kitchen. This is also when she started to write for Simmerville web.

Steve now works as a salesman, but he plans to retire any day to spend time with their garden.

Their house is special as it contains several small builds with cosy and old paths along flowers and shrubs.

Johanna and Steve have no children, but they have a cat named Expo.

Mrs Grumblin: Well, I would tell a lie if I told you I never wanted children. Especially now that time has started to move, and all this talk about DNA. Steve and I were a very romantic couple, and although our lives would have been different with a child or two, we are both very grateful to everything we had and still have.

Coordinating the SimCity Food Expo 2003 and teaching other sims to appreciate the traditional simmish kitchen points out her number one interest, food. Other interests are outdoors, romance and weather. Traditional Simmish Kitchen sort of express it all.

Mrs Grumblin doesn't dislike much, but she claims she never liked technology.

Mrs Grumblin: Except electronics in the kitchen, of course. I always could handle a stove, but a cmputer? No! Give me a pencil of the good old kind and I'll do just fine!

What does Mrs Grumblin do for fun? She prefer reading when she needs a rest, but she find it a lot more entertaining to churn butter or cook a cake or a pie. She runs a home based restaurant, Johanna's Kitchen, meaning she gets to work in the kitchen every day.

When she listens to music she prefer country. When she reads a book she prefer a romantic novel, or a coffee table book with country side photos or of preserved cultural builds.

Although she is intellectual she doesn't claim to be brighter than others. She likes to reflect on serious subjects like the meaning of life, but also rediculous questions like why can't cats fly? She isn't extremely fond of animals, but got the cat Expo mainly to keep her company while Steve is at work.

Mrs Grumblin: Most of the time my head is filled with things to do and I feel I am always on my way, resting isn't really my favourite at all. 

Thoughts on the future
Being one of the oldest Simmervillians, Mrs Grumblin has been thinking a lot about the future.

Mrs Grumblin: I understand that we are aging, and that one day life will end. I have not been able to make a conclution yet, as of how I like it. We are used with a neverending everyday, it was just recently that some clever woman pointed out that sims stopped aging a very long time ago. I assume aging is the natural thing. When my mother died I recall the peaceful expression on her face when she gave me her secret green apple preserves recipe. She did not look scared, not at all. I assume it is all about making life worth living. Learn that good cooking while you still can, I'd say!


Personality: Intellectual
Astrological: Libra

Skin tone: Very light
Size: Large/Soft
Hair: Black, but turned grey since 10 years.
Eyes: grey
Aspiration: Family

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Mazaloom History Book
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Simmerville Christmas Special - part II, December 25, 2002 
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November 24, 2002 - by Johanna Grumblin 

Finally: A personal note from Mrs Grumblin