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(TS?) Discover the joy of baking your own bread! The Victory Bread is well known, but do you know the traditional 1790 recipe? Get the recipe poster + the bread in progress + the sliced bread with cheese - all in one baking set pack! 2 more sets for Buns and Llama Rolls. Available from my food section at STUFF. Go here.
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Old baking traditions in your new kitchen
August 7, 2003 - by Johanna Grumblin

Would you believe that traditional simmish ingredients like flamingo eggs and llama spices are nearly forgotten in the modern sim's household? Allow me to remind you of how to bake in the real simmish way. 

I asked a young boy who was playing with a dog out in the street, if he had ever tasted a flamingo egg? He said no. Then I offered him my own product, the Llama Droodle candy, which he spitted out and said; I eat nothing but pizza and steak! This started to worry me and I couldn't sleep at night because all I could think of was the next generation sims that will not pass on our old simmish food traditions. Eggs from the pink flamingo and almost anything from the llama - both being very important elements of our culture.

This fall could be the season when all simmish households bake their own bread and cookies! Let me share a few of my very old recipes! They all include flamingo eggs and llama spices, and they are very easy to make in your own kitchen. In my section under STUFF you will find the three new baking sets, link provided in the left side column of this very article. All you need is included!

I have included one recipe poster in each set, if you put the poster on the wall just above your counter, it can be used for successful baking many times. And it might even remind you that baking your own food is a privilege that ought to be passed on to the next generation. Involve your kids, let them help you in the kitchen!

When the poster is up, then find the tray with the respective product in progress. It should be located in the catalogue under miscellaneous kitchen stuff. Each of the sets are grouped by the cost that is §22 for the buns items, §23 for the llama rolls items, and §24 for the victory bread items.

It certainly takes some time to bake, the in progress item should stay on your kitchen counter for at least 1 hour. Make sure to check on it regularly, you will feel it when it's time to complete your baking by replacing it with the plate of delicious buns, rolls or bread slices. Even if you need two items you will not pay the price more than once, as a total.

The recipes are explained in the baking sets. Make sure the flamingo eggs are rather fresh, and that any llama powder is dry. The buns are rather similar to the buns we can by in the bakery today, but you will notice the flamingo eggs give the buns a golden shine that modern buns do miss. The llama rolls are supposed to be quite dry, but tasty due to the 6 crushed llama droodles that is included. Finally, the Victory Bread you have probably heard of, it is a very dear treasure to any food lovers, as the recipe is the same that was used when they baked bread to celebrate the Grand Victory back in 1790. Make sure to read about that event here.

These recipes are very old, meaning from a Sim Nation back when they had no refrigerators, so the point was to eat it all right away. Buns and llama rolls can be eaten as they are, the victory bread is very good with some cheese and a piece of paprika. I don't think you need to ask your family twice to help you emptying that plate!

Top photo show me testing out the three new baking sets. There you see the buns to the left, victory bread in center, and the llama rolls to the right.