Hello! My name is Altung Brybrey, I am the current owner of Briggon Carpets, founded by my grandfather, George Briggon. I focus on the 2 stores, but the old web shop will still be open.

Steven B. Brybrey, my father, was the previous owner. He was the one to open the downtown store.
Briggon Carpets was founded by George Briggon of Simmerville.

- quality floors

Briggon Carpets TS1 store

Having a dream of a soft and warm flooring? Carpets, my friend - you need carpets! I am in a lucky position of being offered several good quality carpet deliveries to a nice price.

You will need WinZip to open the packages, then just click on each pack and they will be installed correctly.

Read about the Simmerville store here.

In the works
News: No more carpets in the works, currently. The NightLife deal included real rugs produced my Maxis. They offered no 2x2 rugs though, so my recent offers might still be of interest.
July 4: Briggon Rugs 2x2 (TS2)
Click here to get this set of 13 "Briggon Rugs" (2019k)

Each "Briggon Rug" covers 2x2 floor tiles. If you want to cover a larger floor, try 2 or 4 similar carpets or even mix them. The rug is perfect for a loveseat and coffee table. Each rug costs §160 (§40 per floor tile). (No object, but 4 floor tiles)

February 15: Carpet Mix 03 (TS2)
Click here to get this set of 7 carpets (234k)

"Relax My Beauty" x4, "Step by Step" x3

January 22: Carpet Mix 02 (TS2)
Click here to get this set of 8 carpets (182k)

"Carpe Diem 1", "Cube", "Greek", "Mystical Floral", "Pipita", "Red with Flower", "Square Flower x 2

January 9: "Swing the Llama" carpets (TS2)
Click here to get this set of 4 carpets (128k)

"Swing the Llama" carpet in four variations

January 9: Carpet Mix 01 (TS2)
Click here to get this set of 11 carpets (293k)

"Cross Ground", "Daily Flower", "Floral Floor", "Life Lines", "Pot d'Fleur", "Retro Magic", "Retro Quilt 1+2":

"Franklin", "Modern Trash", "Patchwork Quilt" (larger than 1x1):