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9 New Simmer Lane, Briggon Carpets

Opening hours: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri pAM-5PM
Price level: average

Welcome to Briggon Carpets! We offer best quality handcrafted carpets and rugs. Here you will also find door maths, bathroom maths, and other smaller rugs.

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Simday 72: Briggon Carpets has hired Ursenda Swims to manage the store at 9 New Simmer Lane, while the owner, Mr Altung Brybrey, concentrates on building up the new store downtown.
Recent Owners
3. (70-): Altung Brybrey (son of 2)
2. (x-69): Steven (Briggon) Brybrey
1. (x-x): Simmerville hood (Singles Homes, see History below)

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This lot used to be the location of "Singles Homes" - a complex containing 3 smaller builds. Build A and C with 2 small low standard flats each, while build B was a common cooking/dining area. The flats were available for single fresh adults, eventually single elders. Each flat was equipped and renters could rearrange as long as they left the flat equipped. Renters were charged only §100 per simday. A perfect start in life when you can't afford a full house.

Ron Simpley, Boppe Montpellier, Sue Valentino and Butterfly Swims all lived here.

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