Your Health Is Our Concern

Medical Center is a small community lot that welcomes local Sims for health check, pregnancy checks, exercising and recovery.

The entrance says it all - water is the source to a good health! Patents and family can't easily ignore this fountain when passing it!

There are 2 rooms for resting. This is the hall leading to the rooms. Read or meet others while awaiting those test results.

A healthy body is good medicine! The Medical Center provides a fully equipped gym including showers.

The current espresso bar is suggested expanded to a café or dining. Hospital food is just as good as any food.
Welcome to Mazaloom Medical Center!

This community lot has become the new heart of Simmerville. The same could happen in your hood because Sims need to check on their health frequently! Stop by, exercise, share some gossip, get well!

The Medical Center provides 2 resting rooms (beds not available at the moment, resting chairs only) with a total capacity of 4 patients. Hospital cafeteria, Medical Lab, Gym. There is also a lockable office for the local manager. General access to the Lab can be blocked too, if preferred. 

We do not recommend pregnant Sims to visit community lots, but as soon as you have given birth you should stop by for a health check and to get your body back in shape in our Gym! If you are not yet pregnant but long to have your first baby, you can come for a talk and get familiar with the changing tables.

Young Sims date a lot and likes to look their best! Before you head Downtown to search Pleasure, visit our Gym! A fit body might attract the right partner! A fit Sim might not pick up any illness as easily. Teens can also ask our staff questions about health, sexuality, DNA or any other matters on your mind!

Tuesdays are Teen days here at Medical Center!

Old Sims should visit often for health checks and vaccination. Why not invite your elder friend to join you, then you can have a coffee and some gossip in our cafeteria while you await the test results?

Thursdays are Senior days here at Medical Center!

Skin disease?
Some skins require following up by medical staff. Got the 3Spot or perhaps a child inherited a green or blue skin that you worry about? Our tests are reliable and quick! We guarantee your test result will be ready while you wait!

It's up to you how a Medical Center can serve your hood the best! It might very well become your hood's new busy meeting place! We recommend that a local Sim working in the Medicine Career is offered to work at the Medical Center.

Also check our medical accessories here!

Rispella M. Light
Medical Center, Simmerville
General Practioner

The Medical Center can be download here
(No hacks, University required)