Medical Center

Mazaloom Medical Center is a regional TS2 division of the SimCity Hospital. All our web offers are free to anyone but our employees can offer consultations to local residents only.

We like to help Sims to recover from all kinds of medical disease and dysfunction. We will also share our knowledge through occasional articles that will be published under Simmerville's KNOWLEDGE section and might be of interest to Sims living outside the Mazaloom district. Any related articles will be published under the KNOWLEDGE section at Simmerville web.

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JULY 31, 2005
Medical Center (Community Lot)
This might be the new busy community lot in any hood! Local Sims can stop by for a health check and to rest, exercise in our gym, discuss health with the Lab Staff or relax in our hospital cafeteria! Pregnant Sims should visit *after* they gave birth. Elders need health checks more often! The local Retirement Home should group visit frequently!Teens might like to work out in the Gym. Talk with the staff about any medicine related subject!

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JUNE 11, 2005
This disease can't easily be categorized, due to its numerous effects. The facial skin will get darker areas - no cuts or blisters, but mouth and nose can feel sore. The worst part is the Sim's teeth. Many "sp354" infected Sims lose a tooth or two, and the teeth's whiteness will really fade dramatically. "sp354" can not be recognized until the Sim becomes a teenager or adult, elders deal with the worst stage of the disease. Infected Sims also get easily tired and need more rest, elders really can't work! The first cases were observed many simdays ago at the Island of Bruviella, located far west of SimCity. But the "sp354" disease seems to be spreading so quickly, making scientists believe its origin might be much wider.
Download sp354 - Sample
APRIL 29, 2005
The so called TRISPOT skin disease is named after its characteristic sets of 3 spots and is a very old disease. We thought TRISPOT was fought, but in the new dimension it has been rediscovered on several locations. TRISPOT is not a dangerous disease, Sims can not die from it and it is not cautious. It can only be passed on through a Sim's DNA. It is not possible to tell whether a child is infected with TRISPOT, but examining a teenager will often answer whether this family disease is passed on or not. Even teens will not suffer, and some doesn't even recognize the disease, but during adulthood the spots becomes obvious, and elders develops the full disease where the highly red spots cracks, skin surrounding eyes and teeth get sore. TRISPOT infected Sims live just as long as others, but some see the spots as a shame for their family.
Download TRISPOT - Sample

FEBRUARY 8, 2005
Kids enjoy rough play, they fall and scratch their skin, some times they cry. That's when the plaster comes in handy. Small cuts would normally mend themselves without much care, but your child will still need your attention. Even teens and adults can hurt themselves during daily activities at work or at home, teens might pick their acne too. Our medical plaster suits all ages.
Download Plaster Pack - all 3 plasters included

FEBRUARY 8, 2005
An accident or a fight - we don't ask questions. Some times you can even get your eye punched without another Sim involved. It's easy to walk right into a door. As soon as possible you should cover the eye with ice, leave it there for 5 sim minutes. With some luck it will limit the damages but you will still need to walk around with the evidence right there in your non-symetric face, as the skin surrounding the eye will turn dark and swollen. It looks bad for 1 simday, makeup won't do much good, but big sunglasses might help some. Be patient and pretend it doesn't hurt when someone asks.
Download Black Eye - FREE

FEBRUARY 8, 2005
Some females grow facial hair, to a few it is a big problem. The best you can do is to accept it by not trying to hide it. If you still feel feminine, go for the kind of makeup and clothing you like, but avoid very strong coloured lips. It is no use in shaving because the hair will grow back only stronger. Your local medical center might offer an expensive operation that - if successful - will remove your facial hair once and for all. In the mean time Mazaloom Medical Center likes to help with the two samples below to help females keeping their beard trimmed. Comes in blond and dark.
Download Trimmed Female Facial Hair - FREE

It's easy to catch this disease. While it is rather easy to recover from the flu it is reported that the flu can kill a full hood within a few simdays! Facts coming soon!