Simmerville Hood  :X:  Community Advisor's notes 
Medicine Advisor
Job: Health care, Medical Center management.
Organize Medical Center.
simday 91-105: Cecil S. Gobelin
simday 76-90: Charlow H. Swims

simday 61-75: Elton Tammer
simday 46-60: Amin S. Hanssen
simday 31-45: Rispella M. Light [Council]
simday 16-30: Ursull W. Swims
The following cases must be reported to us: Cold, Flu, Death Survival, Mysterial Disease. 
Visit Medical Center for information. 

Cecil S. Gobelin
Simmerville Hood - Medicine Advisor

Simday 91: Health is good

TExcept from the annual Autumn cold, residents seem t be healthy. I personally recommend a good glass of homemade fresh orange juice every day. Or Granny's Comfort Soup. I will discuss with the Culinary Advisor how we can raise the produce of oranges - most families never get to drink fresh orange juice! There ought to be more oranges farm rights. Those growing a little seem to keep the produce to themselves.

Charlow H. Swims
Simmerville Hood - Medicine Advisor

Simday 77: Simmerville Hood has bought the Medical Center

The hood has bought Medical Center from Dr. Elton Tammer for §.
The plan is that the Medical Center shall be served by 4 employees; 
1 medical doctor (vacant)
1 psychologist (former owner Dr. Elton Tammer was hired)
1 Scientist (Mrs. Cassenda S. Brybrey was hired)
1 Natural Scientist (vacant)

The build will not be upgraded immediately, but we should prepare for the following costs no later than on simday 80:
A new facial surgery service. Buying a career reward object (operation station) will cost §10000. We will charge §5.000 per operation.
New meditation room. We should find room for this downstairs with not too much expenses except a few mats and maybe a wall dividing.
Massage service and a sauna could be a reality too, but not quite yet.

Elton Tammer
Simmerville Hood - Medicine Advisor

Simday 75: More focus on the Medical Center

The center is nothing new, but the recent owner, Mrs Cassenda Brybrey, had not operated it in a while due to the new law restricting number of community lot businesses per household. So, I offered to buy it, and she accepted. Now, this would normally be a private matter, but the council has discussed how to put more focus on the Medical Center, and now that I own it, there is less difficulties executing some of those plans. The base idea is to hire specialists from medical and scence groups, to assure that we get the best staff at Simmerville's only Medical Center. The center should also buy a facial surgery operation set, as well as fokus more on research and information, as in regular exhibitions or other events.

I hope I will be elected for another round, my mission has just started!

Amin S. Hanssen
Simmerville Hood - Medicine Advisor

Simday 59: What do we know about diseases?

Not much, I'm afraid! The better way to stop a disease spreading, would be to inform the residents better. We got the flu that mostsims know how to stop, but we also got a mysterious disease and sims do catch a cold every now and then.

The business deal caused problems, because diseases spread much faster in those stores where all kinds of sims meet, including downtown recidents. It's facinating how far a sick sim will travel if there is a good offer.

Amin S. Hanssen
Simmerville Hood - Medicine Advisor

Simday 46: New

We already got a local Medical Center, we don't need any more services like that. We can give priority to businesses that include physical activity, like work out and swimming. I leave that matter to the Atheltic Advisor.

Rispella M. Light
Simmerville Hood Council

Simday 45: Very good health in the hood

Only one reported case of the mysterious sudden death that strikes pregnant females. The Sim was rescued, and as far as I know nobody ever died from this disease here in Simmerville, although 4 or 5 cases were reported over the past 45 simdays.

There was no flu or other epidemic either for the past days. Skin diseases are present and seem to be passed on to children, but they are not cautious.

Rispella M. Light
Simmerville Hood Council

Simday 40: The Medical Center up for sale

The Hood Council wanted the Hood to control the Medical Center because the Medicine Advisor would work there, but now we had to sell it in order to raise funds for the budget. The Medical Center was just bought by Mathilda Swims.

Rispella M. Light
Simmerville Hood Council

Simday 31: The Medical Center needs improvement

No beds for sick Sims, no section for children. No section for elders. Just a few rooms for registration and consultations. Well, we don't have the equipment needed, so patients are sent downtown to the SimCity Hospital anyway. But I really think we should improve the local Medical Center anyway.

Ursull W. Swims
[Simmerville Hood - Community Right]

Simday 29: The general health seems good

No more near death events have been reported, no deaths from other than old age. Which is all good! There are still some flu cases, but it seems that residents are aware of them earlier and take it serious not to spread the disease.

Ursull W. Swims
[Simmerville Hood - Community Right]

Simday 19: A local flu epidemic!

We should worry, because the flu seems to spread rapidly! We know that community lots are a channel for spreading the virus from Sim to Sim, but can we suggest residents to not visit community lots? If the situasion gets worse I think we have no choice!