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3 New Simmer Lane: Medical Center

Opening hours: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 9AM-5PM
Entrance fee: cheap

This is the heart of Simmerville's medicine, science and welfare. Stop by to discuss your health! The Medical Center provides 2 resting rooms with a total capacity of 4 patients. Hospital cafeteria, Medical Lab, Gym, Sauna, Massage.

The Medical Center is based on ideas by late specialist and baby expert, Mrs Ursull Swims, who was the first local to focus widely on health. During the age of Education (simdays 16-30), Simmerville's Medical Center was built, and managed by Ursull Swims' daughter, Mathilda Swims.

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Recent articles:
Simday 77, August 30, 2007  |  Project: Watch Them Eat!

Simday 78: Simmerville Hood has bought the Medical Center and will run it without too many changes. Dr. Tammer will still work here.
Simday 75: Mr Elton Tammer, new owner of today, is a psycology specialist and plans to turn the Medical Center into a modern clinic for not only traditional diseases but also psycology, science and facial surgery.
Recent Owners
5. (78-): Simmerville Hood
4. (75-77): Elton Tammer
3. (y-74): Cassenda (Swims) Brybrey (daughter of 2)
2. (x-y): Mathilda Swims
1. (1-x): Simmerville hood