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Bluzz, Ronald
Montpellier, Phillion
Snakespeare, Clay
Snakespeare, Juston
Stew-Fraisser, Lucas
Ronald Bluzz is a Tree Lakes guide for WayToGo Travels. He also is a talented musician.

Sold: 4942
Day90: 1853
Day87: 3089

Climb Every Mountain
by Ronald Bluzz

Come with me to the Three Lakes, up where the air is thin and the trees are tall. A detailed guide to mountain amusements, from axe throwing, wildlife camps and trout fishing.

"... There's nothing like the early, peaceful morning up there. At Axewood Camp you can come and go as you like, and you don't need to book a tent in order to use the fishing pond. If you go for comfort at a hotel near by, you should still visit this campground in the very early morning - just try it once and you will remember it as one of your best vacation memories! The silence is balsam to your soul. I guarantee that you will catch some fish up there, a fish you can serve as a meal either at the campground or back home in the city. Invite some friends over, show them your framed pictures from the vacation, and then serve them the fish you caught up there. One early Autumn morning...".

Phillion Montpellier has worked in Cullinary for a lifetime. It took nearly as long to complete his first book, which has recieved the best critics.

Sold: 13437
Day90: 2010
Day87: 2234
Day86: 2793
Day85: 3491
Day84: 2909

Tomato or Lettuce?
by Phillion Montpellier

The author generously hands out practical tips on how to choose the better vegetable for each meal. Combining ingredients based on taste, colour and your own intuition makes wonders!

"... you are what you eat, but what do you really eat? How do you know whether to choose tomato or lettuce? Many vegetables are seen as equally healthy, how could either of them be a wrong choice? Various ingredients go well together with different meals. Three elements come into play here; tastes, colours and intuition. If your main plate basically contains green food, you would choose tomato for the colours, but how about the taste? How about your intuition? I'll tell you this secret once and for all; when you need to choose between one or more ingredients, you should always ..."

Clay Snakespeare is a fresh author, although he already wrote short stories for some magazines. His first novel "Once Upon A Cup Of Tea" received the best critics.

Sold: 11217
Day90: 1972
Day87: 2466
Day86: 2242
Day85: 1868
Day84: 2669

Jane's Cat
by Clay Snakespeare

Can a cat collect all memories, feelings and attitudes from the household members in order to behave on their behalf? Jane's Cat is a strange, funny and complex story about a woman who lives alone with her cat, until she suspects the cat to take control over her life.

"...other day. When she returned from a hard day at the office, her cat was waiting for her outside. Jane picked it up, hugged it and thought to herself that this little creature used to be nothing without her. That day, when she found this cat in a box that someone threw in her backyard. The cat was starving and depended on her. But lately... she felt the cat was too much in charge around here... whatever she did the cat was there, inspecting, observing, absorbing... her suspections reached a state of fear the day she found the cat had destroyed the discount coupon that someone left on her path. Jane always destroyed stupid cupons, she could not afford stupid products no matter how cheap they were. But why did the cat destroy the coupon for her? One day she even found that someone had prepared a check in her check book in order to pay the repairman. Nobody could access that check book... except the cat... Jane walked inside. She needed a cup of tea and a minute on her own. To her surprise the teakettle was already on, the water was about to boil. A mug was placed on the counter ready to receive the hot water. She screamed as she noticed the cake inside her stove - not just any cake, but chocholate cake with peaches and blueberry cream - her favourite..."

Sold: 11457
Day90: 487
Day87: 697
Day86: 1163
Day85: 1938
Day84: 2768
Day83: 2307
Day82: 2097

Once Upon A Cup Of Tea
by Clay Snakespeare

Psychological thriller where the main character Anna struggles between real life and vacation. Where to go, and why?

"...very busy. She really needed to unwind, somewhere - somehow. Her son Robin, just started school and did very badly, he would need to stay back home to read up. The cats, would stay home too. She had tried over and over again to make them breed, unsuccessfully. She thought they made it, but then there must have been false alarm, no kitten yet and she was about to give up. When she ordered her vacation the woman on the phone misunderstood her, a quick 3 simdays stay Far East was confirmed as 7 days, and she wanted to go in a few days but the airport shuttle was sent off immediately. Anna was too tired to care, in 30 minutes or in 1 week - what difference would it make? Cats were asleep, Robin was still in school. She packed her luggage in a hurry, called a nanny and rushed out to the street as the nanny arrived. Then the shuttle taxi arrived. She looked back - was this a good idea after all? She stepped into the car, the second the school bus arrived and her young son jumped out. She turned and saw him throwing some paper on the ground - oh no... was he no longer a D student, but a F... her son... had failed again? Then she heard a weird voice inside her head telling her that 4 kitten were on their way! How was that possible, could it be true? Oh... going away for 7 simdays was not a good idea, not now! Well, the nanny would help out, wouldn't she? Anna looked back, just as the taxi driver started the engine. The nanny was inside... oh, was that flames... a kitchen fire? - Noooo, stop the taxi, she shouted, - I need to cancel this vacation! But it was too late. The taxi driver refused to listen and the taxi drove off just as a blue car arrived the lot - a social worker. Anna cried... 7 days in Takemizu Village..."

Lucas Stew-Fraisser is known for his well documented fact books about life in outer space. He has worked both with business and paranormal, and combining these fields of knowledge, Lucas Stew-Fraisser brings us groundbreaking theories as well as facts.

Sold: 5993
Day90: 3139
Day87: 2854

Green & Blue
by Lucas Stew-Fraisser

A horror scenario focusing on known facts about the conflict between the green and blue alien races. What horror will be executed when these two sets of genes are collected in one Sim's DNA? Stew-Fraisser is one of the nation's top experts, and he shares the honest facts by telling the truth. It's too late to pretend there is no danger - Sim Nation is about to fall.

"...horror to Sim Nation. We must stress the fact that we do not know the consequencies of this mix between green and blue alien genes. The known facts is enough to make us very worried, it stands clear to us that no matter how bad this gets, we don't want it! Luckilly, we know about only one living creature who is a mix of the two races; A still rather young green skinned Sim living in Simmerville, named 99 Gothier. He is the son of a green father who was the result of an abduction, and a blue mother who was the granddaughter of the legendary blue alien Bu Buh, who was captured in Simmerville long ago and escaped leaving her son Bubo behind. Separated, these two races are both friendly enough, but they both carry a so called execution gene that will not be trigged unless it's forced to. We believe that when both races' execution genes are gathered in the same Sim's DNA, both genes are triggered and this is the situation we all worry about. The execution gene will cause a mental effect, this far unknown to Simkind. Imagine a Sim being told from the Universe that he or she is the only tool to save the existewnce of it's own race and that all other beings are unwanted. This specie will be put into a mentally impossible challenge because one green/blue alien can't possible fight the millions of Sims all over Sim Nation. We believe the growing frustration can send out a universal signal which will attract both green and blue aliens, who will arrive to assist the battle shortly. In short - when 99 Gothier's executive genes are activated the Sim Nation will be the arena of a battle between the green and blue aliens - a battle where only one colour can win - and all other Sims will suffer - or, well... die. We do not know when this might happen, but...".

Sold: 8192
Day90: 578
Day87: 526
Day86: 877
Day85: 975
Day84: 1625
Day83: 1354
Day82: 2257

Beyond Space
by Lucas Stew-Fraisser

A combined dictionary and fiction fact book appealing to all curious Sims out there, from star gazers to alien hunters. The book sold well when it was first published on simday 64. Here is the 2nd release.

"...galaxy, or in space in general. Aliens returned to warn us long before the TS2 revolution. The reports covering the past invasions seem to be lost, but everyone who lived there and then - when these events took place, have naturally either told their descendants, or written it down. The way they experienced it. The way they felt about it. The way we honestly can not understand because we were never there. Given the reason why we can never doubt their experiences - because we were not there! Aliens left a package, a warning and a prophecy. These facts have survived..."

Juston Snakespeare is known for several titles all centring about gossips, as well as his own gossips column on Simmerville web. His first title "Macaroni Gossips" was published at 33, had bad reviews and sold poorly. The top title is the biography for his dead mother, Lisa Snakespeare, "All about my VIP Mum", published on simday 13.

Sold: 3600
Day90: 3600
Filthy Secrets
by Juston Snakespeare

Filthy secrets or dirty socks? Superstars have both! Join me as I unvail their inner, hidden secrets that nobody was ever meant to find!

"... nobody was ever supposed to know. He tricked his mistress and fooled us all. The laundry proved it all to be mistaken, by default, simply by the way I found his dirty clothes. I borrowed the laundry, spent weeks on investigating it, and I found strong indications to support my suspicion; the socks were missing! The soap superstar himself knew nothing, not untill I served these juicy facts to the readers of my super top selling book. But there was even more! Whatever he...

Sold: 9746
Day90: 927
Day87: 1159
Day86: 1933
Day85: 2148
Day84: 3579

Superstars in Pain
by Juston Snakespeare

They entertain us from movies, concerts and magazines - but how about their pain? Superstars get wounded too, from broken hearts, cheating lovers, fans throwing tomatoes or eggs, and even media not always telling the truth. This is the truth - about the not som true truth.

"... swim suit. It was simply too small, because she had gained weight over the Winter. But she was too proud to admit the facts, insisted on wearing the same old swim suit, and her agent concludes that this might have been the reason why Linda Glossy's next movie flopped completely. A superstar not realizing that her body is no longer a perfect view deserves nothing less than failure. She lived in pain for months, then the Autumn allowed her to wrap up her body again, and this event was toned down. But forgotten - oh no! Ms. Glossy will never again reach the top. Another superstar in pain is Simona Rose. She simply adored her little club The Rose, but it was a rental matter and she was forced to let go. Local stars still hang out at The Rose, but without a star hostess, it's simply just not the same. I imagine Simona Rose could not even walk New Simmer Lane without bursting into tears, but unfortunately she resided the same street, which must have caused daily events of crying. She must have hidden this well, because there exist no photos of her crying. But I know better than non-existing photos! ..."

Sold: 13525
Day90: 1296
Day87: 1179
Day86: 1966
Day85: 1638
Day84: 2046
Day83: 2558
Day82: 2842

Winter Gossips
by Juston Snakespeare

Everything you would like to know about SimNation's jet set and other celebrities - and maybe some facts you didn't even know you didn't know. Snakespeare shares generously as he small talks about all his sneaky operations as a superstar spy.

"... spent my week on the beach to spy on Carla Niven. I wanted to see how many different swim outfits she would use during the weekend, and if you wonder that too, the correct answer is 7, not counting her nudity. She never noticed me, and I was not surprised because I was well disguised as a penguin. But I know more - like how many drinks Daniel Oognata had on the day he married? Don't you think a Sim should stay sober on his wedding day? Is it a pretty sight if a groom crawls half drunk up to the waiting bride, to get married - like, is that what is on offer? Well, if you wonder how many drinks, the answer is zero. I was disappointed too, but at least they got married, unlike someone else..."

Sold: 18034
Day90: 1613
Day87: 1793
Day86: 2562
Day85: 3202
Day84: 2911
Day83: 2646
Day82: 3307

All About My VIP Mum
by Juston Snakespeare

Who was she really, the VIP reporter of the past, Lisa Snakespeare. In this illustrated book, her son, Juston Snakespeare tells us the true story. How his mum was his hero until she died of old age. When she swings her poisoned pen reporting all the stars, the reader almost forgets that this woman rented a very tiny shed on Simmerville's poor quarter.

"...some blue, some grey and even some pink. The table cloths shaped a beautiful dress, like if fashion started its career at 3 Test Lane. Mum crashed into the door when she forgot to wear her extremely strong glasses, and every time she was grateful she didn't wear her glasses, because if she had they would have been totally smashed. Bringing her fresh secret notes with her, just taken from that phone call - the table cloth dress, a nifty hat and a bag filled with accessories like ropes, nails, hammer, camera, spectacles and a few cans of dried food in case she would be trapped somewhere while hiding for a victim - she walked out the front door..."

Sold: 14047
Day90: 1242
Day87: 1380
Day86: 2300
Day85: 1916
Day84: 2129
Day83: 2661
Day82: 2419

Are They - Am I?
by Juston Snakespeare

The author asks existential questions, who is the real superstar; the actor, the audience or the celebrity journalist? First release was sold out in one week, so this is the 2nd publishing.

"...thinking they are better than us? We shall turn the table, once and for all. Actresses, models, sporting superstars, the celebrities, kings and trolls - we all belong in the category! But it takes something extra to have the x-factor. The factor that makes other Sims go Awwwww. And Yaaaay. I'll use myself as an example, meeting me on the street will not change your attitude to life, or make your day any better. Maybe you recognize me for someone I'm not. Maybe you think - ah, that hunky stud gotta be some Sim Nation wide famous superstar, I better get his autograph! Or something along those lines! I would not correct you, but sign your filthy piece of paper, and watch you walk away with a happy smile on your face. See? I got the x-factor. You don't. But do they? Can all the real superstars actually compare to me? I hear you shout noooo, and well, if you insist, I must..."

Sold: 6562
Day90: 727
Day87: 909
Day86: 827
Day85: 689
Day84: 626
Day83: 1044
Day82: 1740

Macaroni Gossip
by Juston Snakespeare

Who eats macaroni, who steal lovers, who wear glitter and glamour, and what is the latest gossips? This book would deserved better critics, especially now that the gossips can be proven right or wrong.

"...she dates everyone she can find, if they have some fame, or well... I think ... no, forget about that. (Note to self: check if she is dead already).

Next up is Ms. Lorrina Quist. She is the actress who fell off stage, and what a tricky way to face the front pages - falling into the lap of the highness Prince Victor! Well.. I wasn't there, but I heard they left the theatre together, and I wouldn't be surprised if they made out in his car! Or maybe they didn't. Who cares? I mean, Ms. Quist never returned to the limelight anyway.

Next up is Carla Niven, she was observed drinking champaign while waiting for a taxi! After seeing her doctor at the hospital! I wonder why she was bringing a champaign glass in the first place, was she celebrating pregnancy? Or maybe I should tell a secret - she actually..."