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1 Cabbage Road - Caribooks

This is a very characteristic house, the first thing you notice is the long stairs leading up to the open wall entrance. The house looks big but it holds rather few and small rooms. 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining, living, office and 2 bathrooms. Only a little part of the garden is currently in use because of the rather steep land. Located on the corner Cabbage Road/Old Simmer Lane. The view is great down to the Simmer River.
Home Business: 
- publishing service -

Opening hours: Mon-Wed-Fri: 9AM to 5PM.
Office duty only, no visitors. Contact

Click here for our current catalogue.

Caribooks is a local publisher service, helping regional authors to raise sales. We accept titles selling a minimum of 2000 copies the first simday (equals to a §2000 check).

When completing your book and knowing how well it sells, you can sign a deal with us by sending us a check for 10% of that amount. You will then get listed in Caribooks' catalogue, your book will keep selling, and every simday you will receive a check representing 40% of the extra sales that our catalog triggers. We will keep 10%, while the remaining 50% goes to printing and book stores.

The sales might raise 10-20%, which means the book will bring in money for an extended period. Normally a title sells 10-40% less weekly. The tile will be removed from Caribook's catalogue when selling less than 500 copies weekly, but might get added again later on if you or the title owner approves.

Caribook can help your best-seller to bring in money for a long time to come! It was never easier to make a living as a novelist, but also to have time for research and family.

You will be in control of your work again as soon as we remove it from the catalogue, but while listed Caribooks holds the right to promote it without further approvals from you. If an author dies while the title is listed, the royalty rights will be returned to the heir(s).


Recent Households
3. (75-): Cariana Glitz
2. (32-74): Emilda Glitz
1. (11-32): Cassandra Glitz
Recent Owners
3. (75-): Cariana Glitz (daughter of 2)
2. (32-74): Emilda Glitz (daughter of 1)
1. (11-32): Cassandra Glitz