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August survey:
Career Tracks
August 24, 2002 - by Mr. McStoticks


March poll is about sex differences. Is your household based on traditional roles or do we Sims ignore sex differences? We like to find out. Please contribute to our March Poll which will close April 1st. Before voting you need to know your cooking and mechanical skills as well as your daily income. The results will be presented mid April. Please vote without changing any of your daily routine first. Only Sims can vote, NO HUMANS please.

rm is available (early October).

Your (Sim) name: 

Your mail address (optional) 

Your neighbourhood's name: 

Your astrological sign?

Days since your household's move-in:

Your career track?

What level are you on today? (1-10) 

How happy are you with your current job?

How may Sim days have you had your current career track? (aprox.) 

How may Sim days have you had your current job? (aprox.) 

What made you choose your current job? 

Click here to submit your registration. The survey results will be presented on the Simmerville web in October 2002.

Thank you!