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Liild [5]
April xx, 2003 - by Ursull S. Swims

Lucy Test is sharing experiences from her own life. If you missed the beginning of her true story, please click here. To be continnued next month.

(ongoing September-October 2002)

This project focuses on how children relay to different toys and games. Can 
we trust the catalogue description, and is the most expensive toy worth the 

For each contribution you will need to do the following:

Make sure to buy these 5 toys: SimRailRoad + racer car + toys chest + doll 
house + ?
All these items must be baught on the day you start your project, and 
placed inside the same room, preferably with eaqualy distanced from the 
room's doorway, eventually along the opposite wall. If you can effort a 
room including nothing but those 4 toys, that would be great but not needed.

NOTE: If you have some of these toys already, you MUST buy them over again, 
because the value will be lowered, which migt harm the project.

Choose one of your kids for the project. If you want several kids 
contribute, you musat run one project for each of them. I do recommend that 
you run only one project at the time, or that you choose different hours 
for each kid involved.

Meals can be served during the 3 hours, but it is important that you don't 
tell your test child to do at any time. The only exception here is if your 
child is playing outdoor together with another child - stop them, because 
kids can play that way for hours. If your child chooses not to play at all; 
no problem, as that will be interesting for my project, too.

Follow them closely for at least 3 hours per day for 5 Sim Days. For these 
3 hours let them do whatever they want, make notes on which toy they use, 
including duration of usage. If they join someone who is already playing 
(i.e. SimRailRoad or doll house) you must add "J" because that has effected 
their choice.

You don't need to think of how much fun they gain from playing, it's their 
pick that is interesting.

You must submit:

1. Child's full name + personality + address including number
2. For each of the 5 days, a brief report on what toys were chosen and for 
how long the toy was in use.
3. (optional) Your general observations/comments