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7 Deadly Sims
Fibre Optic Angel (§300), A Christmas Story Poster (§290), Christmas Fireplace (§1000), Christmas Tree For All (§1000), Happy Holidays 1 (§700).

7 Deadly Sims

By Claire Brybrey, Sims Science
December 13, 2003 
X-mas special: AstroLOVE makes a twist

Since the project started, scientists have been voting on 10 daily commands and recently some adjustments were agred on in order to secure the project's scientifical reliability. Don't miss our Christmas gift for all AstroLOVE scientists and fans!


Well, I think the reason Kim likes Fredric so much is because she is Gemini and Fredic is Pisces. Claira seems to be pretty good with Fredric (Mostly Because of the Guitar). And the Guitar has effected a lot. What I don't get is the Aries/Pisces. Albert is starting a liking with Claira, and she is (a bit) back. And Andria/Fredric already have a warm relationship. But will things work out with Kim and Fredric (For Kim's Sake?)

I think it is some strange relations and some good relation in the project. It is confusing cause say one ares doesn't like 1 pisces the same as 2nd ares like 2nd pisces. I voted that u must max out all their interrests! I'll write ore commenting later in the projects. Thanks!

id you know that on the SUN register you can find statistical information about the average SUN household? Right now the average household has a net worth of §3.504.898, house size is 6886 sq.ft., daily income is §1.491 and has been living in its current address for 37 days. This