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Ian Heart: The new HEARTthrob of Your World!
November 20, 2003 - by guestwriter Kaylan Hudson

I am a totally huge fan of superstar Ian Heart. When I got a call from Ian’s manager saying that I, Kaylan Hudson, had won a trip to interview Ian at the Ivey Manor Hotel in Summerville, my world turned upside down and I could NOT stop smiling. This was a dream come true to me.

My name is Kaylan Hudson. I am a totally huge fan of Ian Heart. Not only is he muscular and intelligent with kissable lips and a voice almost identical of human, Bryan Adams, Ian Heart has everything a woman could want: Stable career, good looks, charm, and…he’s sensitive but not overly sensitive. When I got a call from Ian’s manager, Kieley Darren saying that I, Kaylan Hudson, had won a trip to interview Ian at the Ivey Manor Hotel in Summerville for an article they were sending to the Simmerville site, my world turned upside down and I could NOT stop smiling. This was a dream come true to me. 

Ian was not only more than I expected him to be…he was actually less than I expected him to be. He was more handsome in person, but less like a star: cocky and only wanting to talk about himself. For an hour, he asked about me. He’s so amazing. But I did, really, come here to introduce this young man…to you.

Kaylan: I am so nervous!

Ian: Ah, don’t be nervous. I won’t bite…you caught me on a good day *laughs* I’m just kiddin’, but really, loosen up.

Kaylan: Thanks, so what is up with your new album? 

Ian: It’s going to be released November 20 of this year. We pushed back the date so I could do a duet with my friend, who is making her way into the spotlight as a singer, as well. It’s a lot more mature than the first, but still, it’s got that immature thing going on too.

Kaylan: How did you like it, growing up in Summersville?

Ian: Truthfully, I couldn’t ask for a better place. Sure, the downside was everyone knew your parents and your business so those didn’t go well…with me. The good part was that everyone did know you and they made it feel as if you were growing up in a family of 200 people. It was like heaven on earth to me. An amazing place.

Kaylan: What is one thing that you, Ian Heart, cannot play at all?

Ian:*laughs* Girls? Nah, um, I tried out for football and I made it but I don’t think I can play well…they kicked me off after they found I was into chorus and not sports. *laughs* So, I guess football, and the violin.

Kaylan: Are you single?

Ian: I don’t know…am I? *winks*

Kaylan: What’s the deal with the Cheyane/Maria thing? Are you all friends or is there something more going on Behind Closed Doors?
(Hints: that’s the name of his album)

Ian: *laughs* Um, no. We’re all just really good friends. After Maria and I broke up I had a little…and I mean little…fling with Cheyane, but they just can’t hate each other. So, we’re just good friends. Though, may I say, I am closer to one than the other. *winks again*

Kaylan: How many animals do you have? I mean, your house is huge!

Ian: I have one dog. His name is Rebel and he’s the weirdest dog I have seen. He RUNS into everything. And yes, my house is huge. And empty. I hate being alone in it.

Kaylan: Do you want to get married in the future?

Ian: Yeah, sure! I mean, I come from a small town and that’s what they teach you there. You gotta go to church every Sunday, drink beer, get in a wreck, go hunting and find a girl that you wanna spend the rest of your living days with. That’s what I hope to find one day. 

Kaylan: When does your tour kick off?

Ian: My tour of Simmerville and the surrounding places kicks off January 6th 2004 and goes until mid March. It’s short, but I tour a lot of the days I’m out there.

Kaylan: Who inspired you to become a singer?

Ian: My mom. She stuck me in chorus and choir in church. That woman had a voice on her and she inspired me to do what she loved. That’s what makes me happy, knowing that I’m doing something we both love and now she can watch me and not miss a moment while she’s up there in Heaven, ya know?

Kaylan: What advice would you give someone like me that wants to become a singer in the future?

Ian: Don’t let anyone…tell you that you can’t. That and, don’t let anyone step all over you and project to the people out there that you are someone you aren’t. Go your own way.

Kaylan: Yeah, I heard you had a hard time getting everything perfect like this. Tell me about it.

Ian: I was eighteen and the record company wouldn’t let me write my own songs, go home for Christmas, see my mom on her birthday. It was a really tight schedule and they made me look like a feminine Latin male, which is something I am not.  (nothing against Latinos…love them…beautiful people), but I’m not that and they tried to make me do and say things I wouldn’t normally do. So, I changed. I left and I made it work for myself. 

Kaylan: Well, here’s the last question, you are in a movie that will come out in July, right? So, what is it about and why did you choose to do this?

Ian: Well, I’m trying to get the best of both worlds. This is just a “let me see how I do” thing. Not to mention, I get to do the movie with Maria, who is an amazing actress and young lady. So, I’m just gonna do a bit of this and that. Just trying it out!

Kaylan: Thank you so much!

Ian: No problem…anything for you…*smirks and kisses my hand* *sigh*

I hope you end up becoming an Ian fan and loving him like I do!!!
- Kaylan Hudson -