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Hello? Have you received this
mysterious package lately? Take your 
precautions - the content is illegal!

Your opinion?
Share your opinion related to this article. Is it ok that MagiCo delivers their products even if magic is illegal? Do you think the Magic Town will benefit you and your hood?
Please post here.
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Apr 16 2004, Rhonda J. Vinet, ...
Yes we did recieve the package. It was early morning. I've got 3 children one boy one girl and one new baby boy infant. My husband was preparing breakfast while I was taking care of my son. I let my other two children play outside. Melina my daughter came rushing in. "MOM! This stranger was trying to hand me a package." I had taught her better than to ever accept stuff from "Strangers" And by her description and by the descripition of the "Strange" sim on your website I thought I had better inform you.
Feb 4 2004, A.A. Fussy,Babya Community Centre
I think a Sim Trade pratices act/rules should be enacted to prevent this type of illegal door to door 'selling'.
November 15 2003, Dana, ...
Hello. I belive that mysterious man is one of my cousions. He's only trying to help us for cryin' out loud! It's not illeagel. It's the magic load thing. My good friend Mrs. Ludwig (you might see her posting in the Easier Sim Living board) opened that package and nothing happened to her. That's how she became a witch. IT'S NOT FREAKIN' ILLEAGEL!
November 15 2003, Jessica, ...
Why shouldn't the residents decide what they do with the "mysterious" stuff? It could come in useful or could start a new trend... I can understand that some Sims don't believe in magic, but the ones who do should be able to use magic whenever they want!
November 6 2003, Augusto Zero, Simvale
Well, I rushed onto the package before my parents and little bro and sis even know about it. We watch too much TV I'm afraid, so we already knew about the carnival thing. I sold everything, but magicoins (you never know when they'll prove useful), and the magical wand (I didn´t want my little bro and sis to catch it) which I intend to sell... eventually. I called my mother to collect butter (my mother is a food expert, and she makes wonderful dishes!).
November 6 2003, Tish, Lake Park
As spokessim of Lake Park I think it's just a form of advertising. Practicing magic is only illegal in front of non magic sims. So you can do it in the privacy of your own home and I see nothing wrong with that. The residents can make their own choice as to whether they want to practice magic or not. Parents should regulate if the let their children practice magic. There are many residents in my hood that practice and no one has been fined yet.
November 5 2003, Blondie Parrot, Simmerville
I think it's fantastic! Our hood council should leave this to us the residents, we can take care of ourselves, thank u!



Extra: Mystery man observed in the hood!
November 5, 2003 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Travelling shows and magical nomads - strange things are going on in many hoods these days! Crops stolen at night, and a mysterious package delivery. Simmerville Hood Council asks all residents to take their precautions!

Mrs Juliana Valentino had a private door to door campaign over the past days, visiting nearly all the Simmerville households. In addition all households have now received a letter with a warning concerning the mysterious stranger who is leaving packages at everyone's door. The package is supposed to contain demo products from a SimCity company named MagiCo, but Mrs Valentino think it is against all security rules accepting a foreign company to deliver stuff that innocent sim families never did order.
- Who knows what can be the consequences of such a delivery? What if the package contained a bomb? Or if kids found it before the parents get aware of the delivery and ate the content?

Mrs Juliana Valentino is disappointed that nobody asked the Hood Council before this massive delivery.
- We would then have been able to inform the residents in advance and nobody would need to be worried, she states. - We would simply not have permitted it!

So what shall local residents do if they get this mysterious delivery?

Mrs Valentino has the answer:
- Sell all the content right away! It's worth about §500 that can be spent on much better products! There is a limited market for such items, but it can be sold in the ordinary way if you are in a so-called "buy mood". It's no secret that MagiCo's main target group is magicians and sims who do spells etc that are against most community laws. Magic is not legal at all, and anyone practising magic in the public will most likely get arrested! These things are too dangerous to play with!

MagiCo's Magical Starter Kit
I couldn't resist contacting MagiCo, the company that delivered the packages, and on the phone I met their general manager; let's just call him the "mystery man". I asked him why they give out all the demo products for free - there got to be a catch?
- We are experiencing a rapidly growing interest in traditional magic and our customers are often found in the most average homes of the most average neighborhood. Your neighbour might already be on our list!

We do deliver the Magical Starter Kit for free. It is an invitation to try our line of magical products for the home. The package includes everything you need to get started.

But magic is considered illegal by law!

- Yes it is, but we don't encourage sims to practice these things in 
public, and anyone who like to keep our products will keep them hidden. The neighborhood is not the arena for magicians, but Magic Town is.

Magic Town
Accordingly with the delivery of their demo products, MagiCo has invited a cab company to provide balloon travels to this community they have built at the edge of town. According to the "Mysterious Man" the area actually started when merchants and carnivals arrived some time ago, bringing with them a menagerie of strange, spooky and even magical things.
- Magic Town offers the old days' carnival atmosphere, with amusing funfair rides as well as various shops for the whole family, and you can also buy remedies - I mean ingredients - for - ehm, for baking and cooking, for instance. You don't need to go there, but we give you the opportunity to choose.

But MagiCo didn't ask the local Hood Council for permission?

- We didn't? Well, of course we did! We sent a telepathic mantra to your spokes sim the other night telling her to return it if she was against our plans. As we heard nothing, we took that as a clear yes!

In addition to the package delivieries, there have been reported several cases of vegetables being stolen during the night. Farmers think it's the travelling show groups who steal all the vegetables. It means a great economic loss to the local farmers. It has been reported that even pets' food bowls have been emptied during night.

1. Did you receive the packet?
2. Did you see who delivered it?
3. What did you do about it?

Ms Rabarabra Simpley, 2 Simmer Lane
1. Not yet.
2. Yes, I mean no.
3. I don't understand the question.

Mrs Gulla Tammer, 63 Mervil Highway
1. Yes, I got it early in the morning during the Halloween days, so I was used to kids ringing the door bell all the time for candy.
2. You don't rush to open the door when it is a constant thing, so I took my time and when I opened the door there was nobody there, but a huge packet.
3. I love packets, so I opened it, but I got rid of all the content. It looked like crap! I kept the end table though, and some butter which I guess it would have melted anyway.

Chris JB, 80 Crumplebottom Court
1. Yes, one morning it was there.
2. No idea.
3. I got rid of it without even opening it. We had already received the letter from the Hood Council.

Ursull S. Swims, 79 Crumplebottom Court
1. Yes, we got it.
2. Actually, I did. I was standing in front of our house waiting for Crawl, as the entire family was going to Old Town. I was talking with one of the children when a strange looking man walked up to our house. I expected him to wait long enough for me to finnish my conversation with my child, but he left the packet and left. He wore a large pinkish jacket and was a bit chubby. I think he had a tiny beard, too. He disappeared so quickly, I didn't notice much, and the children didn't see him at all.
3. When we returned back home the kids opened it before I reached it. That really made me angry because I didn't know if it would be safe for them. Then we returned it all except some small stuff that I might use in the kitchen.

Brad Rose, 53 Ingleside Road
1. Yes, I put it up in the attic.
2. No
3.  Will check the content later on. My wife Rose and I don't believe in magic so we will probably trash it all.