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Nov 4:
Project has opened, reports are available!
Oct 25:
Scientists get ready for AstroLOVE!

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Shopping list:

Potted plant: Secretsims

Sofa and Chair: Secretsims
Painting: Simplyforfun (Charris')
Table lamp: Supersims
Wall lamp: Supersims
End table: Supersims
Floor vase: Simzalabim
Tiger rug: Trinketsandtreasures
Walls: Moonsims

Red room:
Curtains: STP Carly

Green room:
Curtains: STP Carly
Sofas: 7deadlysims
Flower paintings: Simdesigns
Beds: Trinketsandtreasures
End table: Livin-it-up
Potted plant: Secretsims

Yellow room:
Beds: Secretsims
Curtains: STP Carly
Wall lamp: Around the sims
Large painting: Simgedoehns
Small paintings: Simmerville
Sunflowers: 77simlane
Wall: Byline Belife

Blue room:
Curtains: STP Carly
Painting (right): Supersims
End table: Simzalabim

Counter: Secretsims
Rug: Simply-living
Kitchen pans: Simshousestyle

Dining table: Supersims
Dining chairs: BNJ x LVR
Plants: Supersims



Sims AstroLOVE: here is the house!
October 29, 2003 - by Claire Brybrey, Sims Science

Join us for a quick tour of the Sims AstroLOVE house!

When the 8 testsims moved into the AstroLOVE house October 20th, the house was hardly equipped and they were not allowed to interact or to go on the Internet.
The photos below were shot on October 25th, one week before the project's first day. Some details might be adjusted still, but you will at least get an idea of what the house is like. Unlike the SimLOOK house, this time we kept all rooms on one floor. The house include less facilities (no swimming pool, terrace etc) but the AstroLOVE project will also last only half the time and this time the testsims might even be sent downtown if that is how the scientists votes.

Originally we had a contest for designing the 4 bedrooms, but we had to cancel it because of too much work with administrating other aspects of the project. Instead we contacted Prisilla Lake (Greymount's Home & Garden) and she designed some nice rooms that we based the final design on. Thanks to Ms Lake for many great ideas for the bedrooms!
This is the backside of the AstroLOVE house. Andria and Albert are the Aries testsims, here checking out the lovetub and the BBQ section.
One corner of the largest room is the testsims' livingroom. Here are Tommy, Andria and Fredric, while Kim is sitting at the dining table (front).
Aries bedroom
This is where Andria and Albert will stay. Red is the colour assigned to the Fire element, and everything concerning Andria and Albert will be red.
Taurus bedroom
This is where Rufus and Melissa will sleep, beds are in front of Melissa. Green is the colour we assigned to the earth element, which includes Taurus.
Gemini bedroom
Yellow is our colour for the element Air, a colour reflecting a creative mind. This room belongs to Kim and Tommy.
Pisces bedroom
Blue indicates the element of Water, and this room is where Claira and Fredric will sleep. It's probably the room with the highest score, but we don't think that will affect the project.
Kim is extremely good at cooking, here she prepares a meal to the group. The kitchen is small but it has anything needed for a good routine. The dishwasher! It's missing, we better fix that!
Here we see Claira, Kim, Rufus, Tommy and Melissa in the dining section. You might have noticed there are few surfaces in the house, and there will probably be a mess in no time. But that's life...