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The 8 testsims have already moved into the Sims AstroLOVE house. In a few days you can have a look inside the house!


Scientists get ready for AstroLOVE!
October 25, 2003 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

The Sims AstroLOVE project is scheduled  to open on November 1st. Scientists from all over Sim Nation are invited to join the project by discussing the progress and the testsims' relations. Forum and Polls opened today!

Sims Science has done it before, many of us followed their SimLOOK project that lasted for a full year. This time their project is based on astrology and it opens up for involvement in a different way. I met Claire Brybrey, leader of the Sims Science, at her office.

I guess it has been some busy days, Mrs Brybrey, only 1 week until the project starts?
- Yes, we are practically exhausted, but in a good way. Running a project that appeals to your interests will never feel tiresome or be too much a work load on us, the scientists, but you can imagine how our families suffer. They hardly see us at all. It's been some hard days on the testsims as well, they moved into the house a week ago, while the house is still hardly equipped. They are of course not allowed to interact socially which brings their social needs into the red, but the minute this project starts they will get a pill to recover. They are still wearing their own clothes as the project uniforms are still in progress. I think they look forward to getting started, just as much as we do, and all out there who are waiting, too.

The AstroLOVE project opens in just 1 week. Today you release a few elements in order to involve scientists from all over Sim Nation. Please tell us about it!
- AstroLOVE is very different from the SimLOOK project that some of you might recall. This time we, Sims Science, will stay completely in the background leaving the comments and opinions to scientists and individuals that are visiting the project's web page and forum. Most of their communication will take place in the web forum, and if anyone wants to write a more detailed report we will be happy to post it on the web page, too. We will provide them with weekly news, and we actually expect a high activity in the project's forum.

Another aspect is the daily commands that will be given to one of the testsims in the project. Scientists and others will be voting on what testsim should be given what command. In this way the audience can affect on the project in a much more direct way, still without too much influence on the all over situation. These commands will definitely make a difference, but it will be hard to predict their results.

The polls are organized in a special way, aren't they?
- Yes, when visiting the project's main web page you will see only one of several polls. You must reload the page to see a randomly chosen poll. Normally there will be just 2 polls alternating, but there will also be added short term polls, like the current 3rd poll that will decide what sources for fun there will be in the house, closing in a few days.

Scientists outside Sims Science are invited to write reports and to post comments in the forum, but what kind of information will they access?
- Good question! We plan a progress of 2 simdays per week, and news will normally be provided weekends. On the web page scientists will find a brief illustrated weekly report from the house, plain facts without comments. In addition each testsim will have a profile (opens in a few days) that will provide all available information on the testsim including barometers on friendships and mood. These barometers will be displayed as graphs showing the changes not only the current level. Scientists can of course request more details but must do so in the forum for all other scientists to see as well.

Will there be any award to the scientists?
- Not really. Being a scientist myself I know that being able to work with a project is a good thing. But there are a few ways to get noticed as a scientist; we will run small contests where the winner will decide a daily command alternative. Reports being published will be awarded with §500. Finally, during the project we will accept new members to join Sims Science, and anyone contributing to the AstroLOVE project will of course be one step ahead.

What are you working on right now?
- Well, with only one week to go there is a lot of tasks to be handled. I mentioned the uniforms that are not yet delivered from Gobelin Fashion, we just received some room design suggestions from Prisilla Lake of Greymount's "Home & Garden". The testsims are currently reading up on their skills and interests. And there are work to do with the web page profiles. We will be busy for the full week, it seems.

Is it true that you will be moving to Simmerville?
- No comments.

Thank you, Mrs Claire Brybrey.